Wimbledon 2015 – Curious About the Large Numbers of Samples

Every year the Wimbledon Championships is able to arouse the interest of millions of athletes, even those who normally do not follow tennis. Full with great champions and more and more unpredictable blows, the Wimbledon Championships has become a “must” almost for everyone, especially for the many personalities of the business and show-business that never give up on a “detour” in great tennis’s theaters .

Now in its 129th edition, the Wimbledon Championship this year saw Dokovic Novak winning, who had the most of the four sets against Roger Federer. The Serb, who keeps on confirming himself as the number 1 in the world of tennis, took home his 54th title in Grand Slam, Masters 1000, Davis Cup and Olympic Games. For Novak, this is the third title won at Wimbledon and the value is greater when you consider the fact that the real favorite for the title was good ol’ Roger.

In spite of predictions and cheering (also all in favor of Federer), Djokovic commented on curiosity with great dignity: “I expected it. I think it’s normal because Roger is a champion on and off the field. He is a very nice guy. It’s someone who has played at this level for many years, many more than me. I do not judge him only by results, but his character, his personality. He has done everything it takes to get this support. I have to accept it. I have to work and earn the support of people. Perhaps one day.”

Thinking exactly so, is one of the above-mentioned personalities, who would never lose an appointment as important as Wimbledon: Giampaolo Lo Conte, a leading figure of international high finance:

Giampaolo Lo Conte

“I follow tennis with great interest, and, this year, I was also among Federer’s Fans: both because he is a champion even off the court, and because numbers say that he is still the greatest of champions of the tennis that counts. All sets were balanced, but after a minute of the last set – 6-3 to Djokovic – I knew that he would have been the winner of the Trophy. “