Why Skokie Should Be Monitoring Pharmacy Techs for Illegally Selling Prescription Drugs?

It is sad to say it but it is true to say it that more than 40 people a day in fact die from prescription drug overdoses and now officials even say that a growing source of the drugs they abuse are in fact from pharmacy workers who have access to all kinds of drugs that they can easily put into the hands of the general populace.

This has manifested itself the most in the seemingly quiet and peaceful town of Skokie, Illinois. Now in Skokie they finally have a drug rehab Skokie available for any aged individuals that suffer from severe drug or alcohol abuse.

Different addicts have come fourth lately from the Skokie area and the surrounding areas too spilling the beans and giving out lots of details about how they run out of doctors who would give them prescriptions, then posed as nurses ordering prescriptions from pharmacies until they get caught and arrested for identity theft.

Finally, stories have even been heard of addicts getting in touch with pharmacy workers who actually sell them painkillers without requiring doctors’ prescriptions. All they have to do is call on the phone, place an order and pick it up the next day at the suburban pharmacy where such workers work.

This is shocking, gut wrenching, and it’s all too common in Skokie and something must be done to stop it such as referring individuals to a drug rehabilitation Skokie for drug and alcohol recovery.

Prescription Drug Abuse in Skokie

In the Skokie area and in the greater Chicago area all in all, the prescription drugs and heroin rule the streets. The estimated costs on the street per pill are up to $20 for Hydrocodone, up to $80 for OxyContin, and $600 a pint for Promethazine with Codeine.

To they and stop pharmacies form operating these illegal drug sales to addicts, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation has disciplined 33 pharmacists and 163 pharmacy technicians over the last five years for diverting drugs for their use or to sell on the street. However, the problem still persists for there is a lot of money to be made in it.

This is a serious issue and something has to be done to stop it and soon before drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general just completely take over in and around Skokie and in the greater Chicago area in general.

In many cases that this was looked into, when the pharmacy discovers that the tech has been diverting rather than prosecute the technician or call local authorities they simply fire the technician and the technician then goes to another pharmacy! Sadly, the situation is a revolving door, and there’s no record what that technician was engaged in.

However, if this situation is not stopped, then the problem will only get much, much worse. Skokie pharmacies and law enforcement and the entire network of the above in the Chicago area have to really crack down on this problem before it totally takes over and takes control.

For the future, the responsibility will rest on the shoulders of the pharmacies themselves, the law enforcement, the lawmakers, and the residents of Skokie themselves to see to it that addiction gets banned from this area like the plague that it is and can instead start to recover themselves at a drug rehab Skokie.