Why Skokie Heroin Addicts Should Still Seek Help After Being Revived with Narcan

Heroin Becoming a Major Problem in the Nation, in Chicago, and in Skokie Particularly. Heroin abuse and addiction has become a major factor not only in Skokie but all across the nation. The sad truth is that, among youths aged between 12 and 17 in the year of 2000, roughly ten percent of them had used an illicit drug of one kind or another, (usually heroin), within the past 30 days prior to when the interview was performed. This rate is almost identical to the rate for youth in 1999 (9.8 percent), which at first seems comforting but is not quite so. The truth is, though there are roughly the same number of drug abusers amongst this nation’s youth, those who are indeed abusing drugs are no longer abusing things like marijuana which are less harmful, but are instead now abusing prescription drugs and heroin, which are much more damaging, dangerous, and deadly.

Drug abuse is very deadly if you don’t seek help. Seeking treatment at any drug rehab Chicago center is crucial in order to have the number of deaths caused by drug overdose to disappear. This is a serious matter of recovery or overdose deaths occurring.

Skokie Heroin Issues: Why Heroin Addicts Must Seek Out Treatment

It is of the utmost importance for those who are addicted to heroin in Skokie to get rehabilitated as soon as is possible at a drug rehabilitation Skokie. This area and this part of the country are facing what may be the worst ever addiction crisis of the century, and has been doing so for years now. It is feared that if those who are addicted in Skokie do not come forth and enter into a drug rehab Skokie center then Skokie could earn the title of the most addicted city in the nation.

This is a crisis and the people of Skokie know it. Overdose deaths in this area are down, but that is only because those who are addicted are being saved from dying by emergency responder’s use of the popular drug called Narcan. This drug brings one back from the brink of death when one is going through an overdose, but it only works when applied properly, and too often do paramedics show up after it is far too late.

However the situation is often just as severe for those who are saved by Narcan, because too often do these individuals simply go back to using heroin again, even after they have had their lives saved by Narcan and by emergency responders. This is ridiculous but it is the truth. Now, with those who are abusing heroin, the smart thing to do is to enter into inpatient rehab as soon as is possible before things get out of hand. This is ultimately what is going to save the most lives in Skokie, as inpatient rehabilitation is still the number one lifesaving force in the entire nation. Truthfully, when someone is addicted in Skokie the odds of him or her surviving if he or she does not seek out rehab are slim, but if rehab is involved than the odds are very high. With this in mind, it should be recommended to all who are addicted to seek out rehab as soon as is possible.