Why Is Video Marketing So Important?

The millennials have taken over, somebody help! I am scared where this world is going to be 20 years from now from a moral and ethical standpoint. Everywhere you turn somebody has a phone taking a video camera of somebody doing something they shouldn’t be doing. If you go to the gossip websites you will see that paparazzi just don’t have any kind of moral conscious when videotaping somebody. The result of this is the era of video. This has trinkled over into to world of marketing. Why is video marketing so important: people don’t have the attention spans to read articles anymore!

Low Attention Spans

One thing I cannot only blame millenials for is attention span. I am also guilty of having a lower attention span than when I was a kid. I blame this on Youtube and my smart phone. I was never one that enjoyed reading books and now that almost everything can be watched on video, I literally have a hard time reading the newspaper.

Video Marketing On Your Blog

If you have a blog, you shouldn’t rely solely on video marketing. You are going to have to create some form of content. You should have a Youtube channel though and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some form of marketing for every one of you blog posts that you create. There are so many ways you can incorporate a video into your blog. For example, let’s say that you are creating an article called “ five ways to reduce stress”. You can show these examples in the form video. #1 can be “meditating”, you can just literally take a video of you meditating. #2 can be “going for a run”, show a video of you jogging down the block. If you don’t feel comfortable about putting your face on camera, there are other options.

Software To Make Videos

You have your options here. If you wanted to take a screen shot of your computer screen, you can use programs like Camtasia. They are quite costly. I think it is over $200 however it is worth it, especially if you are doing a training video for a particular software or anything else digital. There are many options where you can create cartoon like videos with different avatars as well. I prefer one called Video Strike. It is low cost and you can load your videos right onto Youtube or Vimeo. Whichever software you decide, I recommend it has the option where you can load the video on to whichever video sharing site you are using.

My Final Thoughts On Video Marketing

You will have a hard time reaching your goals if you are relying just on written content to promote whatever it is you are promoting. Take some courses where you can learn how to master a software and start pumping out videos. When I first started making video marketing material, it would take hours to accomplish. Now you can do it with the blink of an eye so catch up with the times!

Article By “Monkey Man” Brad Jordan from Legitwealthonline.com