Why Do So Many High-Risk Businesses Use an Offshore Account?

There are a number of reasons that a business can be classed as a high-risk company and find it difficult to gain access to a merchant services account in order to process credit cards. Perhaps the credit card processing industry decided that the niche area the business operated in is no longer a low-risk type of business. Or, the individual business experienced a sudden rise in chargebacks. In these cases, many merchants make the decision to work with off-shore accounts in order to stay in business.

If your business is placed in the high-risk category by your merchant services provider, your account will be terminated by the provider. In order to continue, it is important to find a new merchant processor as soon as possible. Fortunately, it is not always necessary to go off-shore. There are some credit card processing companies that specialize in high-risk businesses. High Risk Solutions is an excellent example of this type of company.

Problems with a credit rating or level are the top reason that businesses lose their low-risk rating. The second major reason is problems with compliance. If either one of these issues has affected your ability to accept credit cards, you must find a way to remain in compliance and find a provider that will work with them to reduce their credit rating issue. Past problems need not affect future business.

High Risk Solutions works with first-time merchants as well as merchants who have had problems in the past.

Instead of paying the high cost of using an off-shore account, choose a company that regularly helps high-risk accounts and doesn’t leave you having to pay extraordinarily high fees and rates. This company helps to design credit card solutions that are custom tailored to meet your business needs. In addition, the company provides services that will help you to stay out of trouble over the long run.

These services include the continual monitoring of your account. Should you have too many chargebacks over a short period of time, you will receive a notice then you can start making changes in how you do business. By constantly paying attention to fraud prevention and ensuring that your back end is fully functional, many of the problems that caused your credit card processing troubles in the first place will no longer be an issue.

Offshore solutions are limited and very expensive. Most businesses have a hard time staying afloat when they are forced to use this type of credit card processing. By choosing a company based in the US that understands how to set up your account and protect it over the long run, your chances of staying viable over the long haul are much better. It’s not a difficult choice.

Give High Risk Solutions a chance to help your company by heading to their website and filling out the application today.

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