Why Do People Eat Dates During Ramadan?

After Christianity, Islam is the second largest religion in the world and there are 1 billion followers all over the world. Arabia is the place where Islam is originated and later it has spread to other places in the world. Some of the countries which have the highest population of Muslims are Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Turkey and Egypt. The Muslims use to follow a sequence of formal acts of worship and they call it as Five Pillars of Islam and they are Declaration of faith, Pray fives time a day, Doing charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage to Mecca.

In the 12 months of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the ninth month and it is considered as a holy month in which the prophet Muhammad has received the revelations from God. In that month, all the Muslims will fast from sunrise to sunset every day. They should not eat or drink anything also they should involve in any other immoral behavior and they should avoid the impure thoughts as well as words while fasting. The Muslims do this fasting to cleanse their soul and to show their empathy for the people those who are hungry in the world.

In this period, the Muslims use to do their regular activities and go to work. Some of them will read the whole Quran, attend mosques and do prayers frequently. People who are an elder, pregnant and sick do not have to follow fast. But they must follow the missed days in future once they get cured. Otherwise, they can help the poor people and feed them. Normally the meal which is taken by the Muslims in the dawn is known as Suhoor and the meal at the time of breaking fast is known as iftar. Generally dates while they break their fast in the dusk.

There are certain reasons for why Muslims break their fast with dates. Dates are the meal which is taken by Muhammad when he is about to break his fast. Also, the people have mild health issues like low blood sugar, headache, and lethargy since they fast from dawn to dusk. The dates are an exceptional mean which can provide sugar, fiber, potassium magnesium and carbohydrates. This will aid the body with the elements it needs. This is the main reason why the Muslim people are taking dates as their meal while breaking their fast.

Apart from these aspects, there are some health benefits of taking dates after the fasting. Normally dates can be easily digested therefore it will not create any trouble inside the stomach. Since the people are fasting from morning they will feel very hunger. While they are taking dates, it will decrease that hunger and hence the person will not have excessive food and face issues in digestion. Dates will stimulate the digestive secretions and prepare the stomach to receive food items. Most importantly dates will protect the person from the problem of constipation that occurs due to low fiber elements or the changes in the meal timings.