What is Poetry? – How to Read and Interpret Poems

Writing poetry is an art to write but actually it is that literature from which has use of rhythm of a particular language just like sound symbolism. Poetry often has usage of words which has discrepancy in the explanation and explanation of meanings. There is often the influence of language and culture to the understanding and interpretation of the meanings of the poem and people from different regions may respond differently to a particular poem. Ambiguity and symbolism are the beauty of a poem and its usage makes a poem a real treat to read.

How to Read and Interpret Poetry

Whenever you are writing interpretation of any poem, first you have to read about the poet who has written the poetry, what culture he represents and the circumstances in which he has written the poetry. In order to read the poetry and understanding it, it is important to make sure that you read the poem carefully and at least it two times to get proper understanding. You have to catch the idea behind the poem the concept it carries and the rhythm it has, which will give you thorough understanding of what is exactly the message in the poem.

You would have to collect the pieces of words and to join them together to make it a bigger picture. Another thing, for those who are beginners in reading the poetry should do is that they should try to read more and more poems and that too of different poets and of different poetic styles. When you develop the habit of reading the poems on regular basis, it will start developing an emotional feeling in you. There would be several poems which would touch your feelings and you would be bound to appreciate the poet. And that day you will realize why poems are the best way to express feelings.

You can start reading poems by some poets who are easy to understand like Frost, Walter Savage etcetera. Poets like Dickinson, Sidney etcetera are very difficult especially for the beginners.

Each poet starts his poem with his vision in his mind and this vision is actually the driving force behind the poem. The reader has to identify this driving force or call it occasion which is the reason of the poem being written so that the writer can fully understand it and appreciate the points he likes.

Thorough understanding of the poem requires multiple readings. It is said that the poem descriptions and interpretations are well written only when the poems are read multiple times. At first, the poem is read for the introduction and to understand its rhythm. In next readings(s) the reader will understand the depth in the words and will realize the central idea behind the poem.

Sometimes there are uncommon words being used in the poetry which are to be understood well before the description of the poem because these difficult words would create hurdle in proper understanding. The real treat to read the poem is when the reader gets to understand the mystery in the poem which is revealed by the poet in the poem.