Ways to Settle Property Line Disputes without Going to Court

Boundary disputes often happen because many people do not know where their property’s perimeters end. However, things don’t really have to reach the court.

There are different kinds of boundary disputes, and there are different solutions on how to fix them without going to a criminal defense attorney. It is important that there should be cooperation and diplomacy in order to have a peaceful settlement with your neighbors.

Settle Property Line Disputes

Knowing you Line

It is important that you know your boundaries before filing any lawsuit against your neighbors. Get your settlement papers and draw out your property. This will allow you to see which area actually belongs to you and which area is not a part of your property. If you don’t have your settlement paper, you can go to any state or county government sites; they often have the actual record of the plats which you can download for free.

Talk it out with your neighbors

Once it is clear that your neighbor had crossed over your property lines, you can talk it out with your neighbors. It is best that you approach them in a friendly manner. Assume that they have accidentally crossed the line. Then, show your plat and settlement papers so that your neighbor will know that they have accidentally crossed the line.

Settling the issue

There are different ways for you to settle the dispute. You can do the following, for example:

Draft an agreement

Draft an agreement with your neighbor stating that you allow them to keep that certain parcel of land in your property.

Sell that parcel of land to your neighbor

You can also sell that certain area to your neighbor. Contact a real estate attorney to help you with the transaction.

If Talking Doesn’t work

If your neighbors continue to cross the line, here are some of the things that you can do to escalate the issue.

Write a letter

You can file a letter with your county clerk or land records officer to help you settle the issue. The letter will notify your neighbor that they have trespassed your property. This letter includes a copy of your plat and your request for immediate action on the situation. You can also ask a lawyer to write the letter to add weight and importance on the matter.

Suggest mediation

Another way of solving the problem is by undergoing mediation services with your neighbor. This will help both parties settle property disputes without spending too much. There are many professional mediators that can help you reach an agreement on how to settle the encroachment issue.

File a lawsuit

If it doesn’t work after the first two steps, then proceed to filing a lawsuit for the removal of the encroachment and damages to pay for the damage to restore your property. Lawsuits are very expensive, and it takes time to resolve.

Call the police

You can also call the police and report your neighbor for trespassing. Make sure that you show them your plat and settlement records.That way, your neighbors will know that you mean business.

The Bottom Line

Real Estate properties are one of our most valuable possessions. It is best that you know your rights and your property specifics to avoid getting boundary disputes with your neighbors. If f encroachment happens, it is best that you seek a professional to guide you in settling the boundary dispute with your neighbor.