3 Ways to Save on Your AC Bill

When it comes to summertime and keeping cool and comfortable at home, fewer things are more important than your air conditioning, especially in very hot and humid climates. However, one of the drawbacks of using your AC all summer is that it can be costly and put a big dent in your budget. Here are three tips to help you conserve energy and in turn save money on your air conditioning expenses. You’ll not only be helping the planet and your community by conserving energy, you’ll also be trimming your extra utilities spending to streamline your budget.

Set the Thermostat Higher

This seems like an obvious and straightforward tip, but it’s one that many people discount or overlook. You can start saving this very minute on your air conditioning expenses simply by setting your thermostat just a few degrees higher. You may be surprised how much you can save by adjusting your baseline air conditioning temperature, and not really feeling that much warmer inside your home.

According to the US Department of Energy, you can save as much as 10% a year on your home cooling costs by adjusting the temperature on your thermostat when you aren’t at home to anywhere from seven to 10 degrees higher than the normal setting you use when you’re at home. The suggested baseline temperature to use for conservative air conditioning is 78 degrees. If you set the thermostat higher for the times when you aren’t home, for instance, the eight hours you spend at work if you work outside of the home, you could reduce costs dramatically in the long run.

Check Out Energy Efficient Measures

Many homeowners would be shocked to learn how much cool air they lose simply through inefficient cooling systems as well as improperly sealed doors and windows. While ensuring that you are taking basic measures to prevent cool air loss, such as keeping doors and windows closed, is a necessary step, it doesn’t help if the doors and windows themselves aren’t properly sealed. In that case, you may want to get some estimates from door and window contractors to see about replacements.

Another great way to boost your savings is by calling an ac contractor to have an energy “audit”; performed on your air conditioning unit. The contractor can inspect your unit to ensure that it’s running properly, and can also diagnose any issues that may be causing you to spend more on your home cooling bill, as well as suggesting upgrades or improvements to help you cut down on spending. Sometimes one call is all you need to make a big impact on your overall spending.

Make Use of Fans

Another simple step you can take right now that many people overlook is to make use of any existing fans you have in your home as well. You may have ceiling fans already installed in your home, in which case, you should take advantage of them as much as possible on days when the heat is more bearable. You can save up to 60% on your cooling bills on days you use just the fans rather than the air conditioning.

Think Savings First

The key to saving on your home cooling bill lies in the mentality that you use during the summer months. If you make it your goal to save, you’ll be constantly looking for ways to reduce your utility bill and thus make choices that help you do so. By following the above tips, as well as other ones you can find online or get from consulting with an expert, you’ll be well on your way to putting a bit of extra money in your pocket in savings.