Using Modern Furniture to Help Sell Your Space

The real estate market is on the up and up and you may be thinking of selling your home. If you don’t have experience with selling a property, one of the best ways to make the best impression on potential buyers is by furnishing the home with pieces of modern furniture. Furniture adds to the overall decor of the house, but it also puts on display just how elegant the house can look when it is furnished with well-designed chairs, tables, sofas and accent pieces.

Make the Living Room Stand Out

As one of the first places your potential buyer will notice, you want to make a lasting impression from your living room. This is where your potential buyer will catch the first glimpse of how the home can look and if it is the right spot for them. Furniture like a contemporary sofa and an elegant coffee table will immediately express that the home is modern. Even if you have a somewhat smaller living room, there are great ways to maximize the style of a minimal space. According to, you should establish zones in a small space, multi-purpose whenever possible and welcome optical illusions to make the room larger than it may actually be. You can achieve these three notions with a few pieces of modern furniture. And in addition to the furniture in the living room, you should also consider replacing any seasoned lighting fixtures that may stand out as a sore thumb if they are of an older, less modern design.

The Bedroom Should Be Welcoming

As a place of serenity and slumber, the bedroom should be a welcoming spot of the house. To create an inviting impression to your potential buyer, you’ll want to decorate the bedrooms of your home with luxurious furniture pieces too. Consider adding a couple of updated beds to your home. Stylish designs like those from Calligaris have a distinctive Italian touch, but they won’t be too harsh on your budget. And when paired with a nightstand or two, a storage bench and decorative accessories, the bedroom will be begging for your potential buyer to live there. As with any other living area in the home, you will also want to make sure your bedrooms are well lit with the right ceiling fixture or ceiling fan with an integrated light.

Final Touches to Help Sell Your Home

Decorative accents and home furnishings can provide the final touch to move a buyer from consideration to signing the mortgage documents. With accent pieces like a contemporary area rug, a coat rack, mid-century styled wall clocks or cool, modern accessories in the kitchen, your buyer will be ready to make the move in no time. Additional items like decorative throw pillows can be used in the living room or bedroom too, showing that the home is both modern and comfortable.

Use these tips when putting your home on the market and you will be surprised how effective modern furniture and home furnishings can be in getting potential buyers to close the deal.