Top 6 New Gadgets of 2015

Happy New Year 2016! Every year there are a ton of new gadgets that come on the scene and are sold in huge amounts in the run up to Christmas and 2015 was no exception! As technology advances there are more and more gadgets coming to the market. Existing products get smaller and new products are more intelligent than ever before!

Obviously there were the usual releases from the big boys in the Smartphone arena such as the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge with its futuristic curved screen which runs all the way around the edge of the phone and the iPhone 6s and 6s plus which are the standard Apple upgrades. But there have also been some other more interesting gadgets released this year, we take a look at these and go through what they are and what they can do.

  1. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo uses voice recognition software and a cloud-based voice service called Alexa to give you instant control over your music by connecting to your Wi-Fi and allowing you to play music, pick songs, adjust the volume and much more just by speaking to it! You use a “wake word” (you can set this yourself) to activate it and then use your voice to control the system.

  1. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the next step in wearable technology and can provide all the functions of a Smartphone packed into one super portable watch. You can connect top Apple Pay to pay for your shopping as well as using voice recognition software. As with all Apple products, it was a thing of beauty but the jury is still out on the technology with some people suggesting there are many improvements to be made before the next version is released.

  1. Swegways

The swegway was massive this year with several appearances in the media for one reason or another, high profile celebrities such as Lily Allen and Justin Bieber have been spotted on them and then they hit the headlines when it emerged that Amazon had stopped selling their swegways due to them being fitted with faulty plugs. These products do not seem to have a recognized name and have also been known as mini segways, balance boards and hoverboards.

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

This clever little device learns what your heating preferences are over time and uses the information to tailor the heating in your home. The mobile app allows you to remotely control the temperature of your house and warns you if there are any significant issues.

  1. FitBit Surge

The FitBit Surge is a fitness monitoring device which straps to your wrist and uses GPS to track running routes. It can provide vital information such as the number of calories you have burned and your heartrate during exercise.

  1. Selfie Sticks

Not really a technical one but selfie sticks were massive in 2015! They are an elongated rod onto which you attach your mobile phone or camera and you can use it to take a picture from a distance. Needless to say, Facebook has been inundated with these “selfies”.

And that’s all folks! It sure has been a good year for gadgets in 2015 but there is sure to be some even more exciting stuff released in 2016, we can’t wait!