Five Tips to Win Your Personal Injury Claims

Have you endured a personal injury and you are hoping to win a claim? It’s difficult to find yourself in a situation where you have a life-altering consequences through no fault of your own. When that happens, the liable party should be held accountable. You have every right to be compensated for your pain and loss.

Here’s a few tips that can help.

  1. Tell the Truth

There’s an old saying, “If you always tell the truth then you won’t have to struggle to remember a lie.” Be honest with the police and with your attorney. Resist the urge to embellish. If you are genuine and clear with your communications about the incident, it will work in your favor.

  1. Keep Good Records

A journal can make or break your case. Write down everything you remember. Keep a record of dates, times and appointments. You don’t need to write a large amount, just stick to the facts. After each appointment with your doctor or lawyer, write down what happened and what’s scheduled to happen next.

  1. Stay Quiet on Social Media

Don’t talk about your case on your social media accounts. The written word can be easily taken out of context and misconstrued. You don’t want your joke about winning your case and living the rest of your life on a yacht to make its way into your court filing. Your integrity and motivations will be questioned. Even if you think your account is 100% secure and on private, there’s always a risk.

  1. Be Careful With Dates

Most suits come complete with a lot of forms and deadlines. Although it can feel overwhelming, it’s imperative that you keep track of all the paperwork. One missed deadline can delay your case or worse.

  1. Retain Good Counsel

A personal injury can dramatically affect the rest of your life. You want the most reputable, knowledgeable and experienced attorney you can secure. This is not the time to go with the guy that has the funny jingle or catchy phone number. You want someone like The Keith Williams Law Group. They have years of experience successfully litigating personal injury claims.

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