Tips on Looking for Apartments Near USF

College entails more responsibility. Aside from the goal of passing all subjects, you also have more concerns to attend to like establishing the right connections, managing your own time, paying for your own expenses, and finding a good place to live in. It’s basically like entering the threshold of adulthood or what many would call to be “the real world”.

The University of South Florida is one of the most populated universities in the state, so it’s not a surprise why real estate properties around the area — especially those that are for rent — are highly saturated.

As such, incoming freshmen should go the extra mile in scouting for a good apartment where they can rest and relax after stressful days, as well as be productive and efficient in their duties as college students.real estate


One of the most important factors to consider when looking for an apartment to rent during your college years is its location in relation to USF. There are currently a lot of apartments near USF but the real challenge lies in scoring one before everything gets booked. Compounds and condos within a close radius of the campus are usually the first ones to get booked, so be sure to start your search early on.


Yes, size does matter — especially when it comes to real estate. Your consideration in terms of size should be based on whether or not you are looking to occupy it alone or with one, two, or more persons. If you happen to like a place which could house more than just one, it might be wiser if you asked someone to split it with you so that you could also save on rent. There is, however, a good variety of apartments around the university that you can choose from — from one bedroom apartments to two-bedroom units for single or shared occupancy.


When picking an apartment, make sure that you get what you’re paying for. Check the interior, the building’s architecture, particularly the lighting both inside and outside. Lighting is very important because it has a huge impact not only on the safety, but as well the functionality of the place. A poorly-lit apartment will not be ideal for reading and can seem to be a good target for bandits especially at night. The lighting in the entire neighborhood should also be a consideration; dark alleyways and curbs that are not lighted well should be a red flag.

Terms and agreement

In general practice, a contract should be signed by the tenant. Be sure that you look into the contents of the written agreement like minimum duration of occupancy, permission to keep pets in the apartment, payment terms, and others. For example, some landlords only accept tenants who will occupy for a minimum of six months or one year. Along with that they will also impose a certain payment scheme like the amount to be paid in advance and the security deposit you should give initially. While some states do have laws regarding the maximum security deposit asked by landlords, Florida doesn’t have any so far.

By Patriot Bonds