Things to Look in a Mobile Home for Sale

I have been selling mobile homes in the Texas area for years now. People are always asking me my opinion on mobile homes this and mobile homes that. So I just wanted to give some good information in a quick article.

So basically mobile homes are manufactured homes built before 1978. Mobile homes actually had a bad stigma to them. People saw them as poorly built and not very good homes to live in. So what they did is change the name. They figured that if they started calling them manufactured homes, that people would lose the stigmatism to them and accept them.

Some people still have stigmatism to them, however overall it did not get accepted. The fact of the matter is that it is just easier to say “mobile home” than it is to say “manufactured home”.

However, if you walk in to a dealership they will be sure to say manufactured because they still think that it sounds better. Also, I dare anyone to walk into a palm harbor homes, or a Clayton homes dealership and ask where the trailer homes are. They will tell you they don’t have any trailer homes haha.

Mobile homes are some of the most affordable and well built homes on the market today however. See when you buy a site built or stick built home as most people call them, you are basically paying a premium for the lot that it goes on. Also, when you build a stick built home you pay a massive chunk of your home’s value in labor cost.

Did you know that 30% of all new built homes cost is in labor? This means that if you buy a $100,000 home, only about $70,000 in material is in that home. When you go in and buy a brand new mobile home, it cuts the labor cost down to about 13%. Who wouldn’t want to save an extra $27,000 or more!? I know I would.

If you are buying a used mobile home, and you can look on our website, we have over 3,000 mobile homes for sale across the country. Whether you are thinking about buying a used single section mobile for around $10,000, or if you are thinking about buy a massive double wide with land around $100,000. We have it all.

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by northeasttolet