Taking out the Trash! (Bin Cleaners)

Now that Spring has sprung and the weather is getting a lot warmer, it’s now time to get geared up for the summer. With curb appeal in mind, is your property ready for the potential heat? And what about those trash bins? Whether they’re out of sight or not, they can sometimes smell nasty or even contain flies, and even worse maggots! This is down to the fact that the food we throw away in these bins are a treat for all types of hungry critters and insects.

There are plenty of bin cleansers out there that will make short work of cleaning away the muck, and many companies that will take on the whole job cleaning your bins for you. However, it can prove costly to have your bins professionally cleaned once a week during the hot season. Instead you could incorporate some preventative measures to ensure that your bins stay as fresh as possible, thus reducing any vermin and insect attracting odours!

bin cleaners

General Advice:

  • Try to keep your bin lid closed at all times – it will prevent a great deal of insects from getting in!
  • Try to keep your bins out of direct sunlight. This will delay the rate of decomposition of the contents of your bin, and reduce the smell, and in turn the number of potential and hungry insects too.
  • Try to remember to bag or double bag all of your food waste. If you use biodegradable bags, they will decay along with the waste.
  • Squeeze excess air out of any bags that contain food waste, then tie tightly before depositing in your bin. This will also help to delay decomposition.
  • Deal with any food waste inside the home as quickly as possible. Flies could lay eggs onto food before it even gets to your bin, and once inside will spread like wildfire!
  • When you do get chance, clean your bins in your yard or garden with warm soapy water. A spray of anti-bacterial solution will also keep things fresh.
  • Overall good common sense hygiene is key! It’s the best ways to prevent disease and infection, and when it comes to those bins, nasty smells!

Remember to recycle!

Recycling is one of the kindest things we can do for our planet. It is crucial to continue the journey of recycling long after you’ve put your bin out for collection, and you can involve the whole family, and even encourage your work place to join in too! Ask them how much paper you’re using, and just how much of it can be recycled. Try to go paper free as much as possible, and any that is discarded, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Collect all your old glass bottles and jars – this is a crucial material when it comes to recycling because it is one of the only substances in the world which when melted down and rebuilt, has the same compositional structure as when it was first manufactured, meaning that it can be recycled time and time again. Keep in mind that any type of glass can be recycled – from jars, bottles, mirrors and vases, to broken glasses and even old glass trophies (even the engraved ones!).

Recycling is so important and for the future of our world and its resources, we must endeavour to continue to keep up the good work. After all, not only will we be helping to save our planet, but we’ll also be saving ourselves from a trip to the smelly bin!