Some Important Facts Every Expat Parents Should Know About Chinese High Schools

According to primitive psychology concepts, the first three years of your life, is a crucial stage for proper behavior development. In this stage, events, either positive or negative are likely to be infused into adulthood. In terms of education and learning, there are educational journals and publications that provides evidence states that high school is one of the most important stages in learning.

Therefore, it is important to understand different issues and concerns when it comes to high school education in specific parts of the world particularly if you want to enroll your child into one of the Chinese high schools in China. So what are the things that you should take into consideration as a parent?

The high school system in China is divided into two phases: the junior years and the senior years. The junior years involve a three year study which begins when students are twelve years old The senior year or in other countries popularly known as the upper class category, is composed of a two or three years educational process which begins when students turn fifteen As you may notice, putting many differences aside, you can deduce that the Chinese Education system is more or less operating in sync with most countries.

Characteristics of China High Schools

One of the general characteristics of high schools in China is that most of them are located in quite far flung areas away from villages or small town communities. Some students have to move away from their homes in order to attend high school education and spend their tender years in dormitories.

In order to adjust, parents have to relocate their families to nearby cities in order not to break family traditions. It is fortunate for expat parents who are already living in the city as they will not have to deal with problems like this.

One of the problems in learning English in a Chinese school is that teachers read English text directly from a text book. This is quite common to observe that in certain high schools in China, English is already taught in secondary level, but students cannot comprehend as there is little room for using conversational English.

Therefore, if you are an expat and want to enroll your child in any of these high schools in China, then you and your child will not have a problem; in fact, being proficient in English can be beneficial in this case, as you may be able to host English tutorial sessions for local students.

In a regular sized class, there are usually more than 40 students in a classroom. With such a large sized class, under the block sectioning system, Chinese students tend to build loyalty and friendship among consistent classmates. This causes, most foreign students studying in Chinese high schools complaining that student life in their country is more diverse. But being in a diverse environment can help the children to learn new things and appreciate new changes too.

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