Solar Panels and a Metal Roof

Adding the Newest Roofing Inventions to Your Building

The roof on your building plays a significant role in your utility expenses each month. A thin and poorly kept roof can cause your electric and gas bills to rise while an energy efficient and well-kept roof can keep these costs low.

When you want lower utility costs without having to worry about the integrity of your roof, you may want to have your building roofed with a material designed for energy efficiency. You also may add fixtures that help keep your building lit and warm by utilizing the sun’s natural light.

Solar Panels and a Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Advantages

You can get this peace of mind about your roof’s soundness by having it replaced with metal. Metal roofing today is one of the most energy efficient materials on the market. It is designed to last for years and comes at a cost that many home and business owners find affordable.

Unlike tin roofing, metal withstands the weather elements well without succumbing to damages like bending, warps, cracks, tears, and dents. It can survive the highest of winds and the heaviest of rainfalls without suffering damage that is costly and time consuming to repair.

It also helps keep your cooling and heating expenses low because it naturally deflects heat during the summertime and does not absorb water, snow, and ice in the winter. Its durable design keeps out the wind and precipitation so that your home stays comfortable year round.

Metal roofing also is one of the more decorative materials available to home and business owners today. It comes in a variety of colors so that you can match it to the color of your building’s exterior. You can also mix and match metal tiles to create a visual effect that sets your building apart from others in the neighborhood.

Finally, metal comes at a cost that is on par or lower than what you would pay for other materials. You get a good return on your investment because of how long this material lasts. It also could help lower your insurance costs because of its resistance to fire and other elements that typically damages other types of roofing.

Solar Panel Additions

When you are going for the highest level of energy efficiency in your building, you may be convinced to add solar panels to your roof. These panels complement metal roofing because they help your building stay warm and illuminated naturally without you having to turn on electricity or gas utilities.

Solar panels can be the ideal addition to roofing that sits above rooms like the bathroom or living room. They allow for maximum sunlight without causing the room to get too hot. They also make the room appear to be more spacious and open.

Solar panels, like metal roofing, can be added for a relatively low cost. Most professional roofers can add the panels while they roof the top of your building. The panels available today are built to last and give you years of high performance and visual appeal.

Your roof determines to some degree the energy efficiency of your home or business. You can get lower utility costs without risking visual beauty or performance by choosing metal roofing. You can also maximize the natural lighting and warmth from outdoors by adding solar panels to your roof.

Source: 5ML.ORG