Skokie Teens and DXM Abuse: What Parents Need to Know?

Youth and Teen Drug Abuse in Skokie and All Across the Nation

It is a simple truth that youth, teen, child, adolescent, and young adult drug and alcohol abuse is on a level now the likes of which has need seen before in the United Stars of America. This is truly a crisis and it has done nothing but get worse and worse and worse and worse as the years have gone by. For example:

  • Sadly about one in ten high school students in the United States admitted to abusing prescription painkillers at some point in their lives, meaning that prescription drug abuse amongst high school students (something that can actually ruin lives and kill teens in the blink of an eye), is now almost as common as simple marijuana abuse is amongst high school students. This is quite concerning as teens who abuse prescription drugs are likely to become heavy drug users in the future whereas those who abuse marijuana at this age might do that, but the chances are not quite as high.
  • An alarming and a staggering thirteen percent of teens report that they have taken prescription stimulants, such as Ritalin or Adderall, that were not prescribed for them, at least once in their lifetime. For individuals at or under the age of twenty-five, the percentage is closer to thirty percent. Furthermore, about roughly nine percent of teens, (a little over two million actually), report having misused or abused a benzodiazepine of some kind in the past year alone. This number unfortunately up from only about six percent or one and a half million in the year 2008. Finally, about eight percent of teens, (more than a million of them), report having abused a benzodiazepine in the past month alone, (more than doubling from three percent in the year 2008).
  • In a recent study done to delve into the aspects of teens and college students abusing prescription drugs, it was found that the typical non-medical users of prescription stimulants skipped 16.1 percent of their classes while non-users skipped only 9.4 percent of their classes. This is a total insanity. Not only are prescription drugs causing endless amounts of trouble and turmoil outside of colleges and universities, but now they are causing staggering losses and academic failures inside colleges and high schools too.

Skokie Teen Drug and DXM Abuse: A Very Real and very Scary Issue

Sadly, teen drug abuse in Skokie is an iconic example of the very worse that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction can get in any given area. This area is actually one of the worse of them all by far. The issue only gets worse and worse too as the years go by and that is why the state of Illinois is now working on implementing their free Chicago drug rehabilitation centers around any city of Illinois. As for what parents need to know, it is important that they know that DXM, prescription drugs, and heroin have grown intensely popular, as has marijuana and alcohol too. At any of the drug rehab in southern Illinois programs, they understand that rehabilitating an individual who has been abusing drugs or alcohol for a long time will take a lot of dedication and constant work but it is 100% possible.

This is the time to rise up and do something such as implementing drug rehab Skokie programs around the city and finally have the opportunity to reduce the severe drug problem here. If it is isn’t stopped now by those who are living there, then when and by whom? Skokie needs to lead the way in stopping teen drug abuse.