Simple Solutions for Web Hosting For Small Business: What to Look For?

In today’s virtual world, every business requires a website. With the wealth of services and options that are available, setting up a site that has a personal domain is both affordable and easy.

When it comes to web hosting, the first thing that any business needs to do is identify what features they require from the web hosting service. Web hosting with protection tools is an option. But there is no point in paying for the most expensive hosting when you have no need of most of what they offer. There are an enormous number of web hosting companies to choose from who will store the files that you have on their servers. Each web hosting company has different applications, bandwidth, email features, storage capacity, and prices.

Shared packages are the most affordable way to set up a website. What this means is that there is one single server at the host company which is serving multiple different websites. There are web hosting companies which offer virtual private servers and dedicated hardware, but these are normally only a consideration when speed and performance are a worrisome issue.

Most web hosting companies have a limited number of features that they offer with starter packages and expand available options on the more expensive plans. Each individual feature that is offered should be looked at closely before a final decision is made on a web host. For example, if your business is planning on selling items online, you will want to look for a web host that includes some type of e-commerce application. There is always the option of buying and installing one later, but for most businesses, what the host offers is usually more than adequate.

Another important consideration is to make sure that the web host is compatible with software applications that you will be running, such as Windows or Linux. All of the time you spent on getting the site ready will be wasted if you have an SQL Server and a host that does not host Windows. Linux servers are now much more user-friendly as well as have icons as opposed to command line typing.

Perhaps the most important thing to check for is the support options that the hosting company has. It is best to look for ones that have customer support 24/7, either by chat or by phone. It can be devastating to a business if the site goes down after normal business hours and the web hosting company you use is not open. Or you may be in the control panel making some changes and unwittingly create havoc. With 24/7 customer support you can quickly get the problem fixed.

Lastly, when looking to choose a web hosting company, go for the ones that have reputable, proven track records of superior service and support. Read the reviews that other users have posted. A company that only has a 2** rating, but is the cheapest that you can find, is likely not going to be your best bet.

Price is always a factor, but that doesn’t mean that the most expensive is the best bet either. Instead, make sure that the hosting company is capable of meeting all the needs of your individual business and offers flexible options tailored to your requirements.

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