Self Hosted WordPress.Org vs. Free Summary

WordPress is currently powering a lot of blogs to be found on the internet today. In this regard, it is convenient to use and has two versions to setup with; and As per the latter, it is a self-hosted WordPress version that permits you to download and let it run through the web hosting and domain. is also a free solution that should run through the website instead of the domain and hosting.

WordPress.Org Pros and Cons

WordPress.Org is a self-hosted version and is quite known for its many benefits and advantages to owning content. Due to the reason that the feel and look of your website is important, WordPress.Org lets you handle them the right way possible by means of customization features.

By hosting it right through your own server, you will now start on getting an access to different plugins. There is also no limitation in the number of plugins you intend to use. When you also run your own version of right through your site, you may sell ads and make money by means of affiliate marketing.

However, this requires you to be responsible in updating the software when a new update has come out. This is done by means of logging into the WordPress dashboard and clicking on the Update option. The good thing is that some hosting companies are providing for an auto-updating feature and this method is no longer required. Pros and Cons is a free solution that also boasts for its unique benefits and advantages to owning content. Another impressive thing about the is that the hosted blogs are already updated. They are mainly known running off the main WordPress servers.

This is also great because there is no need to worry anymore. You no longer need to be stressed out regarding the maintenance of your site. You may also start it out by means of a blog and just try it out. There is also no hassle in creating a simple and convenient-to-use website. In addition, you can finally set up your hosting or domain name with ease.

However, there are certain limitations you need to face when you make use of the You will also be limited to themes available to the majority of users. And as per the plug-in support, expect that you will be limited to the plugins you use.

In addition, you are also not required to make money right through your site. This is also exactly the same as not having any paid advertising. If you also go against these terms, WordPress may easily terminate your site any time.

And considering the free blogging service of, you still have to follow their set of guidelines. You will not like the idea of being limited on control, publication and customization of the site. (infographic source) is a good solution for those people who want to:

  • Have Multiple Site Authors that will Contribute Content
  • Choose themes and plugins
  • Establish their e-commerce site online
  • Upload big image and big videos and obtain a lot of traffic
  • Establish a site to make money and scale with is the best solution for those who are interested in:

  • Creating a convenient-to-use site
  • Setting up their own hosting and domain name
  • Starting with a blog that can be tried out
  • Not Worrying about the maintenance of their site

With the benefits and disadvantages presented, you now already have an idea on which one to make use of. and its self-hosted platform are preferred by many people. This is a lot better as compared to the

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