5 Scary Signs You Need Foundation Repair Immediately

The article was made in collaboration with 1st Choice House Leveling, a San Antonio house leveling company in Texas.

There are few things as lovely as going home to relax – especially if you live in San Antonio, Texas. However, the safety of your home could be at risk. Many homeowners are unaware of what the typical signs of a foundation problem are. To keep your home in the best shape possible, this is something you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Take a look at our top 5 signs which show your home is having a foundation problem. If any of these signs stand out to you, it’s a safe bet you’ll need a foundation repair immediately!

Signs of a Foundation Problem:

1. Crumbling Concrete

When’s the last time you’ve completed an inspection of the exterior of your home? If it’s been a while, you may want to take 15 minutes and do so. Look for both the condition of your home’s foundation as well as the soil supporting it.

While your home’s foundation may be in good condition now, if the soil in your yard is extremely wet or dry, this could cause future issues. This happens to be a significant point of concerns for residents in San Antonio, Texas who will need to consider concrete leveling to fix their homes. With temperatures in the summer reaching a scorching 100+, degrees the ground can crack from the heat and your home’s foundation can too.

2. Cracks in Exterior Bricks

If you see cracks in the exterior wall of your home, chances are you’re having major foundation issues. The foundation shifting causes cracks on the exterior of your home’s wall. This can cause significant problems for the overall health of your home.

As small cracks grow and your foundation shifts, this could cause a ripple effect of problems. The beams supporting your room will shift, causing leaks which is never a good sign. Also, with cracks in the exterior wall of your home, you’re inviting creeping crawlies into your home that would have otherwise not have been able to enter.

3. Uneven Floors

If you take a marble and place it in the middle of the room, does it stay in place or roll? If the marble is rolling around the room, chances are your foundation is uneven. Be sure to inspect the entire interior of your home to see if the floor is beginning to slope elsewhere. When that’s the case, your best bet is to call a foundation repair specialist.

4. Doors get Jammed

Do your doors get stuck as you try to open or close them? This could be happening due to a foundation problem. When doors are installed, they’re meant to fit perfectly in place. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose of space. If you feel a significant amount of air going through the cracks it could be a sign your home has a foundation issue. The same goes if they become difficult to open or close.

5. Cracks in Molding or Interior Walls

Similar to the way cracks appear in the exterior of your home, if cracks appear on the interior walls or molding, you may have a problem. While small cracks can occur naturally as the materials settle, sometimes that’s not always the case.

Do the cracks in your walls appear to be running at a 45-degree angle? This means your foundation is shifting at a rate that your sheetrock or molding is literally being torn apart.

In conclusion

While a foundation issue in your home can become a considerable nuisance, it’s probably not the end of the world. Call your local foundation repair specialist have them take a look and solve the problem. You’ll sleep easy at night knowing your home is safe.