How to Choose the Right Lighting For Your Home

Lighting is one of those things that not everyone thinks about when moving into a new home. How the light will affect your mood, how it will appear at different times of the day, or if your home has enough light or too much light. It can play a huge role in how we feel about our homes, so our friends at Home Lighting Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, want to share with you some tips on choosing the right lighting for your home.

1. Consider the space

Are you working with a large or small room? Is the ceiling high or low? What kind of furniture do you already have taking up space in the room? Take these things into consideration when planning the lighting you want.

If you have a large space with a high ceiling for example, a chandelier or spot lights could be a good addition. They will light up the large space and can provide a good focal point.

In a smaller space, or a space with large pieces of furniture or hanging wall décor, you might want some tall floor lamps, or short table lamps.

2. What lighting is already available?

Most houses come with lights built into them already, so consider the lighting that you already have and how it affects you. Is the light too dim? Does it only light up one part of the room, casting shadows everywhere else? These rooms might be good to add more light to, like lamps in the darker parts of the room, or some spotlights to brighten up the room.

Is there any natural light available? Are the windows in your house sparse and small, or large and everywhere? If you have a lot of natural light, you may not want to add any more light to you home. Or if there is too much, you may want to add in curtains or a blinds to decrease the light, allowing you to let in exactly the amount of light that you want.

3. What mood are you looking to set?

Do you have visitors over frequently? Is it just you and your significant other? Are there kids playing throughout the day?

More natural and soft lighting will help to cultivate a more friendly and inviting atmosphere. Lower lighting from lamps and dimmed spotlights create a more relaxing environment. You can create different moods in your home throughout the day with the use of blinds or curtains and having multiple lighting options available.

Use these tips to determine just what it is that you want from the lighting in your home, and how it will fit in the space you have available.