Relax and Heal in Your Own Home with a Massage Chair

It might seem hard to believe, but more and more people are becoming the proud owners of robotic massage chairs in their homes. As technology advances, massage chairs get better and prices are dropping. Not only are the prices becoming more affordable, but the health benefits can mean a better quality of life with less need for prescription medications and other treatments.

Here are some reasons that owning a massage chair in your home can be beneficial:

1. Massage Chairs are good for Your Health

Massage is a practice of eastern medicine that uses manual manipulation of the muscular structure and soft body tissue to promote healing and relaxation. The benefits of massage therapy can be felt in almost every one of the body’s systems, including musculoskeletal, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine, and reproductive.

Therapeutic benefits of massage therapy include pain relief, stress reduction, speeded injury recovery, increased flexibility, and a variety of other healthy results. As the popularity of massage therapy continues to grow, more than 40 million Americans are spending money on massages each year.

Some of the benefits of using a massage chair include:

  • Pain and inflammation reduction for joints and arthritis
  • Increased effectiveness of immune system
  • Reduced anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress
  • Lowered blood pressure and increased circulatory health
  • Minimized lower back pain
  • Regulated hormones and more control over diabetes
  • Increased ability to heal
  • Help with stopping smoking and other addictive tendencies

But what if you could get the benefits of massage therapy without having to leave your own home?

2. Massage Chairs are more Affordable Than You Think

Many people have discovered that they don’t have to pay weekly or twice a week to go to a massage therapist or chiropractor for pain and stress issues. Instead, they can use the money that they would normally spend on those visits to invest in a massage therapy chair to keep in their own homes. This way, they have the option to use them every day and for all of the members of the family.

In fact, even an affordable appointment with a professional massage therapist costs at least sixty dollars for a fifty minute appointment. Even a person who goes to a massage therapist for relaxation or pain management just once a week will spend at least $3000 and have nothing to show for it at the end. But a person who purchases a massage chair for around $3000 or so can use the chair as often as preferred, the chair is likely to last several years at least. From a financial standpoint, this is a significant plus.

This doesn’t even take into consideration the time and money saved by accessing massage in your own home rather than having to drive to the massage therapist’s office.

3. At Home Massage Chairs Have a Variety of Options

When you own a massage chair, you can shop for the features and benefits that you find most important. With advanced technology, massage chairs are able to offer more sophisticated features.

Here are some of the features you can look for in a high quality, at home massage chair:

  • Shitasu Massage. Works to effectively rejuvenate the body’s overall health, this type of massage uses finger-like pressure on pressure points to relieve stress, improve circulation, and reduce stiffness.
  • Swedish Massage. Long strokes, rolling, kneading, rhythmic tapping, and fingertip pressure helps to reduce muscle pain and promote healing in the body.
  • Zero Gravity Positioning. These settings place the feet above the heart and put the body in a position to reduce the pressure that gravity places on the body. This can help to reduce back pain as well as improving the circulatory system and reducing inflammation in joints.
  • Body Swivel. Twisting and stretching can help to increase blood flow and produce healing in sore muscles.
  • Foot Massage Rollers. Reflexology performed on the feet helps to benefit the entire body, providing healing and pain relief in a variety of ways. A massage chair with foot rollers offers additional benefits to the body.
  • Heat Therapy. Promoting healing in the muscles, heat therapy is often used in the back and on the buttocks, as well as in some of the feet areas.

The purchase of a massage therapy chair is certainly an investment worth considering as a therapeutic benefit to your health as well as the reduction of stress. Affordably priced, massage therapy chairs offer significant perks for your home and your life.

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