Top 5 Reasons Why Every Adventure Seeker Should Visit Manitoba

Manitoba is an enchanting province, with a lot to offer its tourists. You can have lots of fun here, but you can also relax. Still, if you’re more of an adventure seeker, here are our top 5 reasons why Manitoba is the place for you.

Water Adventures

Hecla Provincial Park offers you the chance to kayak or canoe, maybe even enjoy a more peaceful swim, and you’ll definitely love the scenery. In fact, Hecla is the name of a volcano from Iceland, so that tells you a lot about the landscape.

Hecla Provincial Park


There’s a lot of wildlife and waterfowl around this park, so there’s plenty of opportunities for you to engage in some bird watching or animal observation. And to make things more dynamic, you could rent a bike and pedal to that observation spot.

You can also hike all the way to the village, which has some Icelandic remnants, along with renovated buildings, and a guided walk would definitely be fun here.

But you can hike by yourself, after enjoying a swim. The trails slither through the luxuriant forest, which is barely touched by human activity. The shoreline and beaches where you finish your hike are picturesque and really worthwhile.

On-land Adventures

Riding Mountain National Park is definitely a reason for visiting Manitoba. This patch of wilderness is located at the core of a farmland, and this contrast makes it all the more appealing.

Since this place is pristine nature, you’ll need the proper gear, like a reliable GPS, a sturdy tent, the best hunting knife to cut through brush or a pair of binoculars for spotting the varied wildlife.

You can even meet Master Gruin, the feared black bear that’s one of the biggest mammals on earth today. There are also a few Bisons here, but they’re not roaming free like the rest of the wild animals.

Riding Mountain National Park


Apart from that, you can hike through 3000 km2 of deep forests, with meadows that look like a paradise, on accurately marked trails. But you can also use the proper trails for biking, if you want to gain some speed while enjoying the fresh air on your face.

Or, there’s always the option of horseback riding here. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still go on a horseback tour with an instructor, and you’ll feel really connected with nature. And if you’re going during the winter months, there’s always the option of skiing.

An Arctic Adventure

You can book a six-night Arctic adventure in the summer months of July and August that will certainly fill you with awe. There’s also the chance of seeing the Northern Lights to top it all off.

Northern Lights


This guided tour will take you on the land of Beluga whales and polar bears, offering you the opportunity of seeing a lot of other wildlife too. The Sik Siks are a real attraction since this Arctic ground squirrels are playful and ingenious. But you’ll also see rabbits and foxes that inhabit the tundra, and hundreds of bird species.

You’ll be traveling by boat, admiring the polar bears which are really interesting to watch during the summer when the flowers are blooming. But you won’t just be watching, you can actually have the chance of walking with them. Still, make sure to buy the best winter coats for extreme colds as the winter here is no picnic basket!

Same goes for the whales. These magnificent creatures are amazing to study from afar, interacting with their peers, mating or feeding on a wide array of fish species. But you can also choose to go snorkeling or kayaking in the midst of these whales, as a part of the tour.

Farming adventures

There are lots of farms where you can learn a bit about running them and taking care of the animals, but also enjoy wonderful vistas.

For instance, the 9 Finger Ranch raises cattle, but there are different wild animals lurking around its premises. And if you know how to ride, you can become a cowboy yourself and walk around it on horseback.

9 Finger Ranch


The Room to Grow ranch is renowned for its organic agriculture and offers plenty of opportunities to learn. You can help in the greenhouse and learn how plants grow in a sustainable way. You can even develop your survival skills by taking part in a workshop. But best of all, you can become an intern here if this lifestyle appeals to you.

The same organic and sustainable mindset are what governs the life of the Frenchs Farm Cottage. This farm offers you the chance to see how cows and pigs can live a healthy, happy life eating and walk on green pastures. There are a few workshops here too, so you can make the most out of your farm adventure.

Historic adventures

There’s plenty to see and do in Manitoba if you’re a history buff, willing to explore the province and learn some new, fascinating stuff.

Among the many national and provincial sites that await you to discover them, Prince of Wales Fort National is a massive fortress made entirely out of stone in the 18th century. This was built by Hudson’s Bay, a company that traded in fur and needed defending in the French-English battle. The wall took four decades before it was completely built, but you can find out more about that and the competition that brought it into existence if you take the tour.

Prince of Wales Fort National


The Sam Waller Museum is another highlight in Manitoba. This eccentric collector is renowned for his appetite for weird things. There are different objects which will amaze you here since Waller was an eclectic hoarder.

As a naturalist, he was enchanted by the costumed fleas he acquired. As a taxidermist, he took a real interest in the calf with two heads he managed to keep intact after death. But he was also a professor, a museum curator and an extremely pleasant character.

What adventure will you try?

That said, we’re curious what you’ll try in Manitoba. Which adventures will you embark on? Leave us a comment below.