Top 10 Must-Follow Real Estate Marketers on Twitter

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in realtor marketing, you do not have to read lengthy books on the subject. Although books can certainly help, you can learn valuable tips in 140 characters or less.

Anyone active on Twitter would do well to follow these exceptional marketing experts.

1. Candace Taylor (@CandaceETaylor)

Candace Taylor works for the Wall Street Journal in its real estate news section. Most of her tweets are about the articles she has written for that publication. Realtors who do not have a subscription to the WSJ can certainly benefit by getting the gist of her stories from her Twitter account.

2. Rob Hahn (@robhahn)

Rob is a management consultation within the real estate industry. He runs one of the most popular blogs realtors turn to. Based on Houston, he’s definitely the authority in all things Texas real estate.

He will often tweet about the latest marketing tools and new industry regulations. He has also grown in prominence due to the fact that he will typically reach out to his followers and respond to comments and questions.

3. Laura Monroe (@LauraMonroe)

Laura is a trusted voice when it comes to marketing for realtors. She will often recommend software and apps to download, and if Laura is recommending it, you can be certain it is good. Laura also attends numerous marketing conferences in any given year and will tweet about her experiences there. With her tweets, you will get a comprehensive play-by-play of the biggest conferences in the country.

4. Seth Williams (@retipsterseth)

Whether you work as a broker or agent, you should definitely follow Seth’s Twitter account. He is a founder of the great blog, The blogs on this site range in topics greatly. The topics include everything from determining how much money you need to get started in real estate investment and how you can relieve stress when working in the industry.

5. Lani Rosales (@laniar)

Lani works as the chief operating office for Realuso and AGBeat. She is a real character, and her personality always shines through her tweets. Instead of dryly talking about beneficial practices or what you need to avoid, she always makes sure to make her Twitter account fun to read. Any agent who needs to learn about good realtor marketing practices needs to give Lani a follow.

6. Paul Morris (@paulmarkmorris)

Paul is widely respected in the real estate industry. He works for Forward Management as a Regional Director in the Southern and Central California area. Forward Management has been able to excel to great heights due to Paul’s exceptional leadership capabilities. While he posts real estate advice often, he also tweets motivational quotes. When you are feeling worn out and tired, a little motivation can go a long way.

7. Kelly Mitchell (@KellyMitchell)

While you should certainly follow Kelly’s Twitter account, you should also listen to her podcast: Agent Caffeine. It is the perfect thing to tune into during your commute, and they always discuss the latest innovations in the field. She frequently tweets about the new locales she has visited, and she is constantly looking to share her thoughts with other real estate professionals.

8. Nobu Hata (@nobuhata)

Nobu has many years of experience working in real estate. He worked as a realtor himself for a while until he went on to work National Association of Realtors as its Director of Digital Engagement. Also he shares many blogs posted by NAR and also tweets his own personal opinions. He keeps up with the latest data in the industry, so if you want to always stay current with what is happening, this is one account to definitely follow.

9. Amy Chorew (@amychorew)

Amy is also heavily involved with the activities going on at the National Association of Realtors. She shares the latest real estate news on her Twitter account. Additionally, she always makes sure to post her observations whenever she is attending a conference. Even if you are unable to make it out to certain events, following Amy’s Twitter will still keep you in the loop.

10. Chris Smith (@Chris_Smith)

Chris has a rather large following on Twitter. It is due in large part to the fact that he has written a book about real estate, and he also co-founded Curyator. In addition to getting pertinent information about where the real estate market is heading, you will also regularly see top experts in the industry have conversations on Chris’s page. You can pick up some tips, and you may even get a retweet from Chris himself.

The real estate market in constantly changing, but by following experts in the industry, you can stay on top of everything. By knowing what is always going on, you will know precisely what realtor marketing tactics to implement.