Quick Ways to Update Your Home

You’ve heard the saying ‘your home is your castle’, well in just a few easy steps, you can give your home the update it needs and you want! None of these steps will break the bank, and can all be done so they’re ready for the holidays.


The first thing people see and notice about your home is the exterior. A dark and drab appearance is not the first impression you want for your visitors. One quick way to update your home is with a fresh coat of paint. Look for bulk specials at your local hardware stores and always ask for assistance in choosing a paint that will be weather resistant. A coat of paint or minor repair work on your guttering and roof can also improve the look of your home, but may require a professional. Get multiple quotes and compare carefully.

Cheap additions like a welcome mat and modern mailbox can give your home character. New exterior doors are also a great way to update your home. They can be fitted to your existing frame, with a classic oak door and metal knocker sure to catch the neighbour’s eye. A security system and motion-detector light will be reassuring and bring your home into the modern era.


Light fixtures are easily overlooked. Try to co-ordinate for all rooms, giving your home continuity. Dimming switches don’t cost a lot, and help set the atmosphere for any occasion.


The price of new furniture can vary greatly, but with modern trends leaning towards minimalism, a few key pieces can tie the whole house together. Look for these items in charity shops, antique stores, and garage sales. Not only will you save a lot of money, you can also get an authentic ‘distressed’ look that so many are paying top dollar for. New appliances that are water and energy efficient should be on your list, and you can even learn how to install and maintain them yourself.


Enlist the help of your friends and make a day out of refreshing or repainting the inner walls of your home. Coined a ‘painting party’ it is a cheap way to get the job done, and is a lot of fun.


For those who love anything and everything technology, a home theatre system can turn a plain room into your personal cinema. By spending a little more to begin with, you can finally say goodbye to costly trips to the movies.


If prefer to be outdoors, plant yourself a garden. Research what plants thrive in your areas. To save money on your grocery bill, create a vegetable patch for use in your cooking.


To regulate the temperature of your home, install insulation. Do this along with tinting your windows, and sealing any gaps in your walls and roofs.

There are many more ways in which you can quickly update the look of your home. Plan before you jump right in, and remember that your home is an extension of yourself.