Personalised Pet Gifts

Pets are becoming increasingly familiar in UK families and people are not just buying gifts for loved ones but are also including their dogs or cats. Celebrities in LA appeared to have started the latest trends to accessorize their pets, in particular dogs. But now we are buying anything and everything for our pets.

Whether it is for a special occasion or just to show your affection for someone, gifts for dog lovers in the UK are becoming increasingly popular as people are looking to spoil their dogs more and more. But gift giving can be tough for a pooch as like us humans it is hard to find the right item as there are so many places where you can buy personalised dog gifts online. One of these is the ever more popular online dog boutique; Morgan’s Dog Boutique. Whether you have a big or small canine they have a huge range of gifts from the very affordable to the extremely luxurious. All beautifully and uniquely handcrafted by pet designers in the UK, you be sure to find the perfect present here.

The latest trend in particular appears to be buying handmade personalised pet gifts from personalised dog bowls to custom made dog coats for winter. But sometimes it doesn’t matter what the gift is as long as it is personalised it can make us feeling very special and that is what owners want to re-create for their dogs. Of course the dog doesn’t actually know this but all these gifts can make having a dog feel like they are really part of the family especially when children have flown the nest or have grown up. Dogs for some people can feel like they are now the babies of the family and what better way to show them your love than with their very own personalised toy box for all their favourite toys to go into.

Some people take it is as far as spoiling their pets with their very own four poster luxury dog beds with their very own room. As well as this people are also buying custom dog clothing such as t-shirts or hoodies for all sort of special occasion such as proposals “Will you marry me?” or new babies joining the family; “I am going to be a big sister”. This can be a fabulous way to get your canine friends involved in your own celebrations and make them feel extra special that they are part of your special occasions.

Another favourite among dog lovers currently is birthday parties for dogs also known as “Pawties”. Pawty packages can include balloons, decorations, invitations, doggie cupcakes / donuts as well as birthday cakes personalised just for them. It can be great fun for dogs to celebrate their birthday just like humans and involve their doggie friends in the festivity. It can also be a good chance for dogs to mix with other dogs and meet friends. Yes it does seem that we have all gone pet mad!

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