Parents and Students Can Agree That These Housing Amenities are Essential for Student Life

While many parents dread when their child is headed off to college, they really want the emerging adult to have great life experiences. That includes the freedom to make decisions as well as the responsibilities that come with them. There’s no mom or dad there to clean, cook or do laundry. This is a time when the student grows into the adult they want to become.

Many students and parents might be shocked to learn that there’s a rise in the type of student housing available near major universities. The buildings are university approved housing that helps with the overflow of student moving in from other states. In years past, the student’s parents might remember cramped living quarters with a hot plate and no room to unpack all their belongings. Student housing has expanded to include amenities that would rival some of the best condos in any metropolitan city.

amenities for student housing

Secure Living Arrangement

One of the biggest concerns for both parents and the student is the security of the building as well as the campus. Whether the student will live off-campus or in a dorm, there’s always a concern about safety. Parents should be asking how the school plans to keep the students safe, how they communicate during an emergency and where the police are stationed. If the student will be taking advantage of the fantastic off-campus options, they should be looking for locking doors in the lobby where visitors have to be buzzed into the building. Cameras that the student can access from their television gives the student more security too.

Laundry Facilities

Some of the best amenities in housing for students have to be laundry. While the student might want to bring laundry home to Mom, it doesn’t make sense in many situations. The student’s mother can surely appreciate a laundry facility in the building and the student won’t run out of clean clothes waiting to go home on the weekends. These new buildings have secure areas where the student can do laundry within the building, and some have a washer and dryer in the unit itself. This is an incredible convenience for the student who doesn’t have much time outside of classes.

Appliances and Kitchen Amenities

As a student who is free of his or her parent’s house, the student has to learn to cook. While pizza a few nights a week makes sense for most college students, eating out constantly can cause weight gain as well as cost too much. Many housing facilities for students have high-end stainless steel appliances like new refrigerators, chef stoves and dishwashers.

Proximity to Shopping and Restaurants

Part of the college experience is heading to a bar or restaurant with a study group, or spending hours in debates about world topics over beers and chips. These types of places should all be in walking distance to the student’s living quarters. The adult experience doesn’t mean that the student should be in danger walking home from a restaurant at night.

Garage Parking

Students will need a secure place to put their vehicle. In some buildings, it’s in a garage under the building itself. The student will need an electronic garage door opener to get into the underground parking, or there is security to check cars as they enter the lot. This secure structure keeps the student safe.

Health and Fitness Center

Students are being drawn to places with health and fitness centers on site. These are fully functioning gyms that would rival their local facility. It features saunas, tanning salons and classes for all kinds of activities. When the student has had too much pizza, they’ll be able to head down to the fitness center at any time. The best buildings have security available in this space too.

These are just some of the amenities that parents and students will love. Others might include a game and media room, shared study area and wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors throughout the space. Property management companies are finding that amenities are bringing in students whose parents want more for their child while away at college.

Courtesy of The Ivy Apartments that offers BYU-Idaho approved housing for students with many of the amenities of home.