What You Need to Know About Montreal Decontamination Specialists

Are you noticing signs of mold in your home? If so, do not delay the situation. You can easily find a specialist in decontamination in Montreal. These mold-busting companies in Montreal are definitely committed to providing affordable and reliable air testing services and mold elimination.

The mold removal technicians are equipped with the skills and experience to perform mold testing, inspection and decontamination. Be sure to look for decontamination specialists that are NAMP certified and adhere to S500 and S520 certifications required by ANSI / IICRC.

Montreal Decontamination

What to expect from a mold inspection?

Every mold inspection is started with a visual examination wherein a certified decontamination specialist or mold inspector will scrutinize the suspected contamination area(s).

The specialist will perform the following steps:

  • Check moisture intervention
  • Measure the air moisture content
  • Take a sample particle for scanning
  • Take temperature readings
  • Pay close attention to any conspicuous signs of mold such as black, hair spots and wall discoloration, a musty or earthy smell and water damage
  • Scan the room for any irregularities in temperature using an infrared thermal camera. Any abnormalities are signs of mold infestation.
  • Take an air quality test or take surface samples for mold identification

The Process of Mold Decontamination

After the visual inspection, the specialist will further take the following procedures as part of their professional services:

  • Bring the samples to a third party lab for lab testing to examine the specific contaminant
  • Build and prepare the scope of work to be presented to the requestor
  • Start working with the contaminant using negative air scrubbers. This is the most important step to avoid any instances of cross-contamination
  • Perform mold decontamination and mold spore elimination with the use of specialized equipment and eco-friendly products
  • Seek clearance from a third party to validate the spore count according to standard
  • Perform any repair caused by mold damage with a reconstruction group

What is mold testing?

Depending on the homeowner who hired the services of decontamination specialists, they can request for mold testing or not. Mold testing will determine the kind of indoor air quality present in the home or possible future problems through Swab or Tape Lift Samples that can accurately identify mold infestation.

Admittedly, we just tend to disregard the presence of mold until the situation gets worse. It is much better to prevent mold from growing and multiplying rather than waiting for it to infest your home putting everyone’s health in the household at risk. Do not hesitate to ask your mold specialist; what preventive steps to take to avoid further mold infestation in the future. They will be more than willing to share some tips and insights to improve the air quality inside your home.