Natural Ways to Rid Your Home Of Insects

Driving insects away from your home can be done either naturally or by chemicals. In recent times, people are opting for the former than the latter. Ridding your home of pests using chemicals is speedily fading off because of the medical implications and not just the cost.

Recent research has shown that children whose homes are exposed to pesticides are more likely to have certain cancers. These cancers include leukemia and lymphoma in children. It was also learnt that kids who are exposed to insecticide have 47% chances to be diagnosed with leukemia in their childhood and 43% chances to be diagnosed with lymphoma in their childhood than children who weren’t exposed to pesticides.

Aside the hazardous effects of insects in your home, it is also embarrassing when guests can’t stay in your house as a result of insects. Neither is it a pleasant experience when cockroaches of flies jump out of meal/water meant for visitors.

Are you tired of insects invading your home?

Here are natural ways to rid your home of insects:


  • Peppermint, mint leaves and mint tea bags when crushed are good ant killers.
  • When the above is not available, you can use soap water to spray the ants. It has the potency to kill ants.
  • With ants not liking the fragrance of cucumbers, you can place a slice or more in their entry point to chase away the ants.
  • Pharaoh ants can be sent packing by mixing boric acid and mint apple jelly.


  • Keeping your home and its surrounding clean and neat is still the best way to get rid of flies.
  • Putting crushed mint leaves around your house can also help to keep flies away from your house.
  • Fruit flies can be prevented by washing fruits before storing them in the kitchen. This is how to get rid of fruit flies without using insecticide or having to throw the fruits away.
  • Feeding your dog yeast also helps in warding off flies. Dogs fed yeast gives out anti flies smell.
  • Flushing out the drain with hot boiled water along with bleaching powder helps kill infestation of flies in your drainage system.

Bed Bugs

  • Using hot water to wash your bed kills bed bugs.
  • Sun drying your bed exposes the bed bugs to heat which brings them out of their hiding places and kills them in the process.
  • Kerosene oil being applied to the corner of your bed kills bed bugs.


  • Washing your house with strong soap solutions, keeping it very clean and neat drives away cockroaches.
  • Sliced cucumbers also help in warding off cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches are killed instantly when you sprinkle/spray soap water on them.
  • Cornmeal, boric acid powder and powdered sugar mixed together in equal quantity is poison for cockroaches when used as bait.


  • Stagnant water and dirty surrounding attract mosquitoes, in order to get rid of mosquitoes you have to rid your environment of stagnant water and dirtiness.
  • Garlic juice is also an effective way of keeping your home free of mosquitoes. The repellent lasts not more than six hours.
  • Applying neem oil on your skin helps to keep mosquitoes away from you. It is a non-toxic and very effective way to nourish your skin and keep it free from bacteria.
  • Planting marigold in your garden helps in keeping mosquitoes off your house.