MixButton Combines Professional Mixing With Affordable Pricing

Finished recording a track but it still feels dull?

Unable to get the mix or master to sound as full as you want it to?

With just a few clicks you can have our professional sound engineers turn your music into perfection at rates you can actually afford.

Here’s what you need to know:

What They Do

At MixButton, their goal is to provide high-quality online mixing for home-studio musicians at an affordable rate. Some of the ways their sound engineers can transform your music from average to amazing include:

  • Vocal Correction and Tuning
  • Drum Replacement And Enhancement
  • Instrument and Stem Mixing and Mastering
  • And Anything Else It Takes To Make Your Track Sound Amazing

Who They Help

When they started MixButton their goal was simple: to provide home-studio artists, songwriters, and composers a way to have professional audio mixing and mastering without having to use an expensive service.

MixButton has helped musicians from all genres turn their home recordings into amazing songs with their professional online mixing service.

If you have the home equipment to record, they have the professional equipment to turn those recordings into something stunning with music mixing online.

Their Difference

Their goal is to change the way musicians and composers are able to have their tracks mixed and mastered.

In the past, professional studios were the only option for high-quality sound engineering. To have songs mixed properly musicians were either forced to pay extremely expensive fees or sign contracts that gave away a percentage of revenue from any sales. They hate that.

By being an online mixing service, they are able to keep costs much lower. They never take a percentage of your revenue and they have many different packages available to provide you with professional results at a price that you can actually afford to pay.

Ready To Start?

If you have your instruments and vocals composed and recorded, they are ready to provide you with professional mixing. Browse their pricing and choose the package that is right for you, make your payment, uploading your tracks, and that’s it. Sit back, relax, and you will have your professionally mixed song delivered within 7 days.

Yes, it really is that easy.