Mind-Blowing Cruise Ship Facts

Mention cruise ship records and the first thing many people think of is the Titanic. This ship was the largest of her kind to sail the seas over 100 years ago. She was struck by tragedy on her maiden voyage, and tails of rescue and survival have since been glamorised on the silver screen.

Thanks to modern construction techniques, cruise ships are now setting records that may seem unbelievable. Their size alone would dwarf the Titanic. They have become floating cities, carrying more people to exotic destinations than ever before.

In this post we examine some mind-blowing cruise ship facts.

The Big Five

  1. The largest cruise ship ever to sail is The Allure of the Seas. Owned and operated by Royal Caribbean, The Allure of the Seas is sixteen stories high. Measuring in at a gargantuan 362 meters, The Allure of the Seas is a full 93 meters longer than the Titanic. To put her size into perspective, The Allure of the Seas is nearly four football fields in length. Her on-board aqua theatre pool is nearly 18ft deep, the largest of its kind at sea. The Allure of the Seas is one of the most popular ships sought after by people shopping around for the ultimate cruise deal.
  1. Taking the spot at number two is The Oasis of the Seas. She is the twin ship of The Allure and has the same number of rooms. Technically speaking, The Oasis of the Seas is also 362 meters in length but is just 50mm shorter than The Allure. Warmer weather on the day of measuring had allowed for the metal hull of The Allure to expand and thus clinch the number one spot. The Oasis carries the world’s largest lifeboats, each of which can carry up to 370 people on two levels. Powering her massive engines requires up to 9000 litres of fuel every hour.
  1. Freedom of the Seas ranks third on our list. She is also part of Royal Caribbean’s fleet. At 339 meters in length, Freedom of the Seas has a guest capacity of 4374 passengers. She boasts a full sized boxing ring where you can take private lessons from a professional.
  1. Twin ship of Freedom of the Seas is Liberty of the Seas, also owned by Royal Caribbean. She is fitted with 1817 staterooms, a 9 hole miniature golf course, a FlowRider wave machine for surfing, a 3D cinema, a basketball court, a running track and a rock-climbing wall.
  1. Sailing into fifth position is The Norwegian Epic. This vessel, although 30 meters shorter than either The Allure or The Oasis, holds the record for the number of passengers she can accommodate; 5183 people at any given time. The Norwegian Epic is fitted with the world’s only “tube and bowl” water slide, making her a firm favourite among children.

With Royal Caribbean Cruises dominating The Big Five, we decided to look at some other interesting facts and figures. Did you know that over 150,000 meals are prepared on board some of these vessels each week? Or that to build one of these mega-cruise ships can cost as much as billion dollars? Here are some more mind-blowing cruise ship facts.

An Australian billionaire has commissioned an exact replica of the Titanic. It is due to be launched in 2018.

There are more than 300 cruise ships currently in operation. Collectively they can carry over 300,000 passengers per day. An additional 32 vessels are under construction and are set to be launched between 2015 and 2020. Word has it that some of these are going to take the records to even greater heights.

The world’s most expensive cruise was put together by the UK based agency Six Star Cruises. It cost a million pounds per couple aboard the Silver Whisper and lasted for four months.

So why not take a cruise for your next holiday? You might just find it a truly amazing experience!

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