Mattress Buying Guide

With the range of bedding options available today, a good mattress isn’t particularly hard to find. In fact, there’s almost certainly one that exists on the market for you – it just might take some legwork or internet-browsing to find it.

Your chances of locating the ultimate in comfort, affordability and durability are drastically increased, however, if you know a few basics about what makes a good mattress. That is what this article is intended to help you with.

A Note on Assessing Mattresses Online

Since you don’t really get to try the bedding out beforehand if you shop primarily online, the next best marker is the online review. Read what others have actually written about the choices you’re whittle down it; don’t just pay attention to the number of stars. This could save you quite a bit on return shipping costs. And now, without further ado…

Latex Rubber Mattresses

Latex is an interesting material; the unique molecular bonds that comprise it give it the ability to remain stiff without being hard. The feeling of spring it provides a mattress can make for a very comfortable surface when coupled with the of the top-layer softness.

You can find latex mattresses at reputable online dealers; make sure you read the reviews and understand the metrics that delineate the amount of spring and softness. You want something that will suit your preferences, and last you a long time. Latex bedding tends to be a bit more expensive than others.

Adjustable Air Mattresses

These are precisely what they read as. It’s important to note that the entire mattress isn’t filled with air; just the top layer that you sleep on.Higher quality brands have a dial that you can turn to control the stiffness by altering the volume of air. The underlying material is usually foam, so you have something to sleep on in the rare occasion that the top goes flat.

Alternatively, you could also search for the air mattresses that come pre-filled with the desirable air pressure. The cost is lower; but make sure you know which pressure suits your comfort level.

Classic Innerspring Mattress

Depending on how old you are, you might have had this basic but very effective mattress when you were a child. It supports you in the good old-fashioned mechanical way, using stainless steel springs to hold up your weight. The stiffness of the inner springs varies, which allows different levels of comfort, as well as ratings for people of different sizes.

Manufacturers make it easy to find the innerspring mattress that fits you – learn what the different stiffness ratings mean, and check your old bed for the one you used to use. Reviews are quite indispensable with this type, so take heed of them.

Foam That Remembers

Memory foam is a sought-after mattress type for those that like heat, comfort and the materials ability to recall the shape of your body. It’s often polyurethane blend that provides extra heat once you sink into it; so keep this in mind if you live in a humid region. The degree to which it sinks is characterized by a figure, too, so understand which level is for you.

A sound sleep is worth the investment, and whatever mattress you choose pays for itself by providing you with invaluable comfort. Many of them last years and years, too, so if Latex is what suits you best, then Latex is what you should get. Want to dive deeper into the mattress buying process? Sam’s Club offers a robust mattress buying guide that can even further put you on the right path to a good nights sleep. Sweet dreams!