Make You House More Attractive To Buyers

They used to say putting on a pot of fresh coffee and some bread in the oven were the smells that helped the prospective house buyer make their decision to buy a home. However with the housing market buoyant and buyers becoming savvier you have to do a lot more these days to sell your house at the price you want. Think what you would do if the Queen were to drop in for a cup of tea! Well that’s the kind of level you should aim for if you want a good price. So if you are interested in making your house stand out and want a speedy sale then read on for some top tips:

The grand entrance

First impressions count and none more so than the entrance to your home. Make sure your front garden looks neat and tidy with grass cut and hedge trimmed. Get your windows washed and if the door need a lick of paint then do it. Replace your door mat and perhaps add a couple of plants in stunning planters either side of your doorway to add kerb appeal.

Clear the clutter

We live so easily with our own clutter that we tend to overlook certain dumping grounds such as kitchen surfaces, coffee tables and the stairs. Others will not however, especially prospective buyers! Clutter not only looks unsightly but it also takes up valuable space. Clearing your junk will not only make your house and its storage space look bigger but it will also create a fresh minimal look that will appeal to buyers. Add some nice lifestyle magazines or coffee table books, some fresh flowers and lay your dining table to ‘dress’ your home to create an aspirational setting.


Are there any outstanding maintenance jobs that need addressing? If so get your tools out and tie up all your loose DIY ends! There is nothing worse to a prospective buyer than looking at number of tasks that have not been completed. They might worry about any hidden issues in the house that you may not have addressed such as electrical or plumbing problems. So finish all the jobs you always meant to do and make your house shine.

Shout about your house

Ensure the estate agent represents your home in the best possible light. That means fabulous photos, a good floor plan and attention grabbing copy. Remember your home has to stand out from the rest and appeal to your target market. If you live in a family friendly house and area then ensure they emphasise those points.

Be flexible

Throughout the whole selling process be sure to be as flexible as you can. That means always agreeing to viewings whatever the time. Also it would be advisable to agree to conducting a viewing yourself if the agent can’t make it. If your home sells before you have found a new property then consider renting to allow the sale to go through. Holding up proceedings is a risky business, you don’t want to you buyer to drop out.

De-pet your house

It doesn’t matter how much we love our pets, prospective buyers might not share our enthusiasm! So take the dogs out for an extra-long walk during the viewing. Make sure you clear away the pet clutter, clean or hide the dog beds and check your house doesn’t smell of your pets. All of these things will put off even the most ardent of dog lovers.


You don’t have to be Monty Don to have an attractive garden. Just make sure your trees and hedges are trimmed and your grass is cut. Pull up weeds and if you are not very green fingered then simply take a trip to the garden centre and buy some potted flowering plants to brighten up your outdoor space. If the weather is mild and you have garden furniture, make sure your table and chairs are cleaned and your parasol is up looking bright and fresh. An attractive, low maintenance garden is a great selling point for any home.