Learning about Muffler and Muffler Repair

This post could save the lives of you and/or your loved ones. So please take the information I am about to share with you very seriously. It is about your car muffler. A muffler’s function is to provide a place for exhaust to escape your engine. It is supposed to reduce the amount of noise your car makes. It not only guides the exhaust out of your engine, it also has a resonating chamber that tones down the noise your car makes.

This could be the cause that you are getting a lot of dirty looks, and “flip-offs” from people in the road. And this could also be why restaurants are refusing to wait on you, as the Wiki How website mentions. The fact is that a noisy car does not only have social consequences. It also has health and technical consequences in your car. Indeed, an excess of noise in your vehicle, then, is a sign that your muffler has malfunctioned in some way, and is in need of a visit to the muffler specialist.

Muffler Repair

Other Signs Your Muffler Is Having Problems

You may notice that your children are falling asleep, even on small trips, such as from school to home, or from home to school. Or you may notice your spouse’s eyes getting a bit watery as she is in your car, almost always. According to automotive expert Roger Ubile, this could be very serious signs your automobile’s muffler may be in trouble. This is a potentially deadly matter. If your passengers constantly complain that your car is too loud, bring your muffler into an auto shop for a checkup.

An Analogy to the Human Body

Think of your muffler as an engine that allows waste to escape. Just as our bodies need to eliminate waste daily, your car engine is the same. The waste is in form of exhaust. If your muffler is functioning properly, as your car is moving, the exhaust leaves your engine with a minimum of noise.

But if your muffler is malfunctioning, those waste products have to go somewhere, right? Guess where they’re going–into your car. Instead of the fumes that your exhaust system going out of your car, it goes instead into your lungs, and you and your passengers are breathing them in. And sometimes, as Ubile suggests, this could have fatal results.

So don’t think it’s cute next time someone tells you your engine is too loud. It is a very serious matter–at least potentially. So have someone check your muffler. It could totally be at fault, especially if you are detecting odors in your car. Sometimes the fumes released are odorless. Only a mechanic can check your exhaust system, and discern how much trouble you’re in.

Don’t try to do this yourself and attempt to fix your own engine, especially if you are inexperienced. You could damage your car, and hurt yourself badly. Take it to a professional. Sure he will charge you, but you will be spending the same amount of money anyway–either on a new car, a new muffler–or in the form of a hospital bill.

Shop Around

All that being said, it’s best to shop around for the right auto mechanic for you. Make sure he or she is experienced, reputable, and affordable. Don’t commit your car to the very first one you see. You may have to look at five of them before you make your choice. Your life–and that of your car–are both worth it. Look him or her up on websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp or Angie’s List. Also, ask your friends who drive for their opinions before you choose someone.

Source: Muffler Repair in Downriver Michigan