Is Live Streaming Marketing Of The Future?

We have entered a new era of marketing. It’s not just the time where video marketing has taken over. Just regular video is no longer good enough. Now it is more important to live stream your marketing videos. What is Live Streaming? It’s exactly what it sounds like, you are coming in live right from your recording into which ever social media platform you are using. Almost all social media platforms now have live streaming. If you are not live streaming you will be left behind in 2016 marketing. Let’s look at the three top social media live streaming services you can be using.


Snapchat is unique from the others on here because while you are sending a live stream to “my story” people can view it up to 24 hours and are not actually viewing it live. Even if they view it within seconds after you film the material, it is not considered “Live”. We will still consider it live streaming for the sake of this article. Snapchat is by far and away the most popular with millennials. There are new filters where you can add the face of celebrities which kids these days love.

As far as marketing goes, if you really want to reach a small audience, figuring out how to market on Snapchat is the way to go. While building a following is necessary for whichever form of social media you are marketing on, Snapchat is going to usually rely on twitter, linkedin, facebook, etc. for anybody to generate a large following.


Periscope is a live streaming service that Twitter created about a year ago. This really introduced the marketing world to live streaming unlike Snapchat. I remember when it first came out, there was a ton of buzz and then it started to die down a little bit but really started to pick up again lately when the 3rd one on it’s list came out with it’s version of Periscope.

Having your live streams being posted on your twitter follower’s feed is a major plus. Imagine if you have 25,000 followers and they see your live product launch? Even though all 25,000 at once is not realistic imagine if a small portion say 1,500 see your live feed. You should be able to make at least 5-10 sales at the very least and draw interest.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is relatively new however it is quickly becoming the leading live streaming service. Why? Because Facebook while looked at as old and not as fresh with the millenials is still the leading social media platform. I mean my father who is 70 years old has a Facebook. As long as he doesn’t have a Snapchat I won’t lose my mind!

The only problem with Facebook Live is that you can’t stream on your personal, fan page, business page, and Facebook group at the same time naturally. You need to have a program like Live Leap to be able to do that. But overall, if you want to reach the most people, I would say Facebook is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

I purposely left out Youtube. The reason why is because it is literally just a video streaming service so of course they would have live streaming! If you are shy and need to edit your videos 20 times before putting it on Youtube, live streaming may not be for you. The problem is you are not keeping up with the times because live streaming is the wave of the future!

by “Monkey Man” Brad Jordan from

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