Looking For Ways To Improve Your Home Value? Here’s 5 Ideas

Thinking about downsizing? Or maybe getting a larger house to accommodate a growing family? Perhaps you simply want to keep improving on your house so that when you do sell, you’ll make back your investment and then some?

According to Woodinville real estate agency, Butler & Butler Real Estate,sprucing up your home is a powerful move that could seal the deal with potential buyers. But knowing what places to upgrade and which you should leave alone is essential for protecting your wallet. Experts advise staying clear of certain remodeling projects that have a history of not paying off. For example, a swimming pool in the backyard has been cited often as a money drain, costing as much as $100,000. So what should a home owner focus on?

Here are some winners as selected by real estate agents and brokers.

1. Furnish your attic or basement.

Don’t have the money to create an additional master bedroom in your house? But you do have an attic or a basement that is largely unused? Why not make smart use of those spaces by furnishing them? Better Homes & Gardens suggest using an attic as a multi-use space, combining both lounging and organizing needs. Other suggestions include redecorating your attic as a playroom, a craftsroom, a retreat, or an extra guest room. Any of these options can also be applied to an empty basement.

Furnishing these spaces will go far to not only make your present living spaces better. But will also help make your house more attractive to future buyers looking for a house that is fully furnished from top to bottom.

2. Add a layer of paint.

Chipped paint or stains create a dreary look overall. If you want to give your house an instant face lift, give your interior a fresh coat of color. Choose neutral tones so that you are not imposing your color preferences on potential viewers. Or go with paint colors that have remained on the bestseller list for years and have proven widely popular. Painting your walls is not only a fast and pain-free way to improve your house, but also a move that is easy on your home improvement budget.

3. Install ceiling fans or other intriguing fixtures.

Want to add both comfort and beauty to a room? Ceiling fans provide both, along with adding visual interest to even a sparsely decorated room. If your light fixtures are plain, the ceiling can tend to look austere. Ceiling fans provide a look of luxury and comfort while still being easy on your pocket book. This option is particularly recommended if you live in a region with moderate temperatures. And you don’t have the means or feel the need to update your HVAC system.

Adding fixtures that intrigue can help sway an indecisive buyer. For example, a knocker on your front door that is one-of-a-kind. It may be the thing that tips the scale in your favor.

4. Upgrade select kitchen spaces.

Considered by many to be the heart of the house, a beautiful kitchen can make or break a buying decision. One of the best places to start when revitalizing a dated kitchen is to upgrade your cupboards. Installing new kitchen cupboards and switching out dark wood panels for lighter wood can lighten up your entire kitchen. Or, consider sanding your cupboards down and applying a fresh coat of paint. This is a job that, while time-consuming, is relatively simple and is considered by many to be a DIY project.

Other kitchen upgrades that are small but make a big impact? Install new handles on cupboard doors and drawers. Add a tile backsplash behind your stove. Replace your island countertop with a classic piece. Think stone or a slab of beautiful wood. Hang a pendant light over your island countertop.

5. Make a great first impression.

The doorway is the first contact a buyer will have with your house. Improving the front area of your home and your foyer will make the first impression of your place a winning one. While you are at it, consider adding in a monitored security system. One that is connected to your doorbell and that allows you to see who is at the front door without needing to peek out.

Adding a quaint touch to your house, one that shows personality and presence, is also a great move. It tells the viewers that this home is loved and that they, too, can find happiness just beyond your front door.