How to Sync Contacts, Mail and Calendar from Android to iOS

In today’s life we often use two different devices running on two different operating systems. Therefore we may be a little bit difficult to share similar info when we go out suddenly. Don’t worry my friend as long as you are using Google account. Mighty Google made these things easier for you. Let’s dig in the process of how to sync contacts, mail and calendar from Android to iOS.

People sometimes get bored with a phone and in most cases it’s an Android one as these are widely available one. On the other hand iPhone is a style icon and having an iPhone in your hand may pull the appreciation buttons from your friends. But one thing you must confess that it may be a little bit troublesome issue to use iPhone after being habited in using Android platform for a long time. That’s why you may face some first time user issues with it. So it’s an intelligent move to sync all the necessary information in your iPhone so that you don’t need to carry the Android one with you all time and by this you will not miss a single thing you need to stare once.

So after this, the question comes is how we can sync all the info from Android to iOS. What is the trick behind it so that we can make the info flow into the iOS device with some simple taps!

Don’t forget to get a backup of these info before being caught by the steps given below.

Sync Contacts, Mail and Calendar in iOS from Android

Let’s play a simple game in your iPhone with some easy steps to bring all the info you saved in your Android phone.

For this simple transfer you need to have a Gmail account, If you don’t have one then register and sync all the info with it in your Android phone.

If you have several Gmail accounts in your Android phone, pick the one which has been synced with the info there. That’s all with your Android phone. Now it’s time to move on to the iPhone.

  1. Come to the “Settings” option and tap on the “Mail, contacts and Calendar”.



  1. Then choose “Account”
  2. Then pick up the “Gmail” option from there, if it’s not there, add “Account”.


  1. Put all the information such as your name, Email and Password, then tap on the “Next”
  2. Gmail will verify the Log-In details.

Now all the things are in your reach and a tap away in your iPhone. Get out with your iPhone and never miss a single thing you have scheduled in your Android phone.

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