How to Make the Most of Your Lunch Breaks in London

If you’re lucky enough to call London your city of work, then you might want to read on! A city bursting with attractions, exquisite dining options, new pop-ups and endless events. There is always something to soak up in this city, it’s a hub of inspiration and you shouldn’t ignore what is right on your doorstep.

Whilst time is precious and you probably find your days stacked up with meetings, presentations and deadlines, you should always try and make room for a lunch break. Not only is it important to fuel yourself, it offers much needed relief on stressful days and you might just find it boosts your motivation and gives you a necessary recharge.

If sitting at your desk for an hour doesn’t sound overly appealing, then get out into the city and use your time wisely! There are plenty of ways you can enjoy London, even in just one hour. These top tips might just inspire you…

London City


1. Eat Your Lunch Al Fresco

Ok so it’s not a ground-breaking suggestion, BUT getting out into the fresh air can really do you good. There are lots of hidden little green spots in London to enjoy. Grab your favourite M&S sarnie and head to a nearby garden square and soak up a few rays. It’s a great way to refresh your brain and it also gives your eyes a rest from staring at the screen.

2. Book In For a Manicure

How about using your lunch break to book in for that much needed manicure? There are plenty of fantastic nail bars in central London, including celebrity favourite Cowshed. Enjoy a speedy manicure in just 25 minutes, and why not opt for the scalp massage whilst you’re enjoying your treatment? You deserve it after all!

3. Check Out That New Gallery

If you’re situated close to Southbank, then why not have a look at the latest exhibition and collections on show at the Tate? Entry is free and there’s always plenty going on. Elsewhere, you’ll find lots of pop-ups and independent galleries. A quick Google search will give you all the info you need to know about what’s on. Soak up the culture and get involved!

4. Enjoy an Acupuncture Session

Ok, so enjoy might not be the right word but acupuncture can be extremely beneficial! It’s a great reliever for stress, and can also help with ailments such as back pain, tension headaches and arthritis. For those located close to the infamous Harley Street, why not book in for a consultation with medical Doctor and acupuncture specialist, Dr Michael Curtin? It’s great for overall wellness, and might help you in more ways than one. Sign us up!

5. Get Your Five a Day

Why not pop out for a little health boost from one of London’s many juice bars? Joe & The Juice is always a favourite, why not give the ‘energizer’ a go, a mix of red grapefruit, ginger and apple to give you the energy boost you need to get through the rest of the afternoon. Anything to get out of the office for a breath of fresh air!

6. Head Down To a Museum

Many of the museums in London offer free entry, and The British Museum never gets old. It’s a stunning building with so many amazing artifacts and exhibitions. There’s always something new to see and provides the perfect location for a lunchtime wander. The Natural History Museum is another fantastic museum with lots of different events and workshops.

How do you usually spend your lunch breaks? Do you try and escape your desk for an hour of freedom, or do you usually eat your sandwich over your keyboard?!



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