How Drones are Enabling Addicts in Prisons Near Arlington Heights

When it was thought that the prison system in the United States couldn’t become any more complicated or upsetting, not criminals are actually aiding and abetting incarcerated criminals by asexually flying drones over prison walls and into prison yards to give illegal contraband to certain inmates. This is of course effectively leaving prison guards and correctional authorities in a position of trying to decide how to deal with the new technology and how to stop drones from getting onto prison property.

After smuggling incidents that occurred and were found out about around prisons in places like Maryland, Ohio and Oklahoma, Illinois lawmakers are proposing legislation to penalize the activity, even though the state has yet to see an incident on its own turf that they know of. Wisconsin and Michigan also have pending legislation to criminalize the use of drones over prisons too, because the idea is a knew one and it is thought to catch on quickly with more and more criminals getting the idea that they can thwart the system and get items to their cohorts that are in prison. If you catch any prisoners receiving drones, the best way to reduce this problem would be to have the inmates go through a drug rehab Arlington Heights or even any drug rehab facilities Washington state in order to maximize recovery.

The idea for the Illinois measure to prevent this from ever occurring in the future came from the state’s Department of Corrections. While drones haven’t been a problem yet, or so they think, the department “is taking a proactive approach to ensure it does not become one”, spokeswoman said on the issue. Some of the actions taken, particularly in Arlington Heights and the overall and greater Chicago area in general, are to equip prison security with special cameras and surveillance equipment for spotting such drones.

The Fight Against Prison Drones

This is something that has really been happening in other states and its prevalence and relative success has inspired Arlington Heights and the overall and greater Chicago area in general to create preventative measures and to put them in place before it even becomes an issue. For example, in Ohio, a small drone delivering drugs to a prison in Mansfield in July triggered a fight amongst the inmates when the package with heroin, marijuana, and tobacco was dropped in the yard. Also for example, local Maryland police arrested two men planning to use a drone to drop off drugs, pornography and a cellphone into a prison in Cumberland in August. Finally, in October, prison officials at the biggest Oklahoma State Penitentiary found a drone that crashed on facility grounds with hacksaw blades, a cellphone, and heroin. It is of interest that almost all drones that crash have drugs on them.

Arlington Heights and the overall and greater Chicago area in general is to be commended for trying to prevent this before a single incident even occurs. With proper planning, some good supervision and many drug rehab Chicago Illinois available, this problem will hopefully be stopped before it can even begin.