How can iCloud Activation Lock be Removed from iPhone

Apple Phone is a very famous smart phone used by millions of people all around the world and the fame of the Apple phone is well known to all. The smart phone by Apple brand is called as iPhone and all the devices that precedes with “i” before the name of the device is produced by Apple brand. Apple is a company founded by Steve Jobs and has been the one of the most famous company that sells iPhone, mp3 player, mp4 player, iPad, iPod and Apple TV and many other devices.

The OS used in the devices of the brand Apple is called iOS and the application called iCloud is used in most of the Apple devices. iCloud is a web storage application that stores the photo, video, audio and any other files on the web. The application allows the iPhone users to store their files on iCloud so that they can save space in their device. But when you buy iPhone device the iCloud application in the phone will be locked and the user has to unlock it if they purchase the phone from online. Remove iCloud Activation Lock using essential steps so that you can enjoy the application.

If you buy iPhone from an authorized dealer then you don’t need to unlock the iCloud app since they will help you by giving activation code to unlock the iCloud application. But if you buy it from any other dealer or from Amazon, eBay or any other eCommerce service then you have to unlock it to enjoy the iCloud storage.

The next thing from online purchase is the second hand dealers; if you purchase the phone from second hand dealer then you will not know what user name and password is used by the previous owner, without which you will not be able to use the iCloud app.

There are many tools available in the market to unlock the locked iCloud and these tools will require simple steps to be followed so that any user can unlock it easily. Unlock iCloud Lock iPhone 6 to store your files on web storage successfully and save sufficient space in your iPhone.

Unlock iCloud Lock iPhone 6

Steps to unlock iCloud on iPhone 6

Like any other tool download the unlock iPhone 6 tool to your phone and always remember you can’t unlock iCloud on iPhone 6 using the unlock tool used for iPhone 5. Therefore use unlock tool for iPhone 6.

  • After downloading the tool, install it with run as administrator option so that you will be able to access the unlocking privileges of the tool.
  • Once the installation is over click the “check” button that appears in the installed unlock tool.
  • After clicking the check button the tool will scan for the available iPhone device in which the unlocking has to be done and then it will enable the connection with mimic Apple server.
  • Then select the EMI number of your phone and Email ID appear in the unlocking wizard of the tool. Then click unlock and within few minutes the app will be unlocked and open to use.

Follow these simple steps to unlock the iCloud app and enjoy iCloud app on your iPhone 6 phone.