You’re a Homeowner and In Need of the Professionals

The proliferation of YouTube tutorials and online how-tos has made it easier than ever to learn how to do everything from hanging wallpaper to building a deck on the back of your house. The overwhelming availability of information has also given many homeowners the false confidence that these jobs are easy and within their power to do. In reality, there are some jobs that really just need a professional, and if you attempt to do them yourself, you are likely to do more harm than good to your home — and possibly injure yourself along the way, as well.

Here are a few of the jobs that need a professional to do:

Home Security

No matter what you’ve heard, even the biggest and fiercest-sounding dog isn’t going to be enough to protect your home from robbers and others looking to do you harm. You can take other steps that will improve the security of your home, such as adding better locks or reinforcing your windows and doors, but nothing is going to keep your home and your family safer than a professionally installed security system.

At a minimum, a good security system will sound the alarm if someone kicks in the door, immediately alerting the authorities. That’s the type of fast response you would want if you were home and someone came in with a weapon. But you can also get more advanced features, such as alarms on every window, a glass break sensor, motion sensors, and a camera system. Learn about the options here, and get an estimate for your own system.

Electrical Work

Electrical work is not only complicated; it’s dangerous. You might shut off a circuit and think you are all clear, and then you get a jolt when you go to change the outlet or do some other seemingly “simple” job. That jolt could send you to the hospital or even kill you. There are too many things that can go wrong with electrical work, whether it has an immediate result like shocking you or has a delayed result like a short that leads to a fire that destroys your house.

There’s a reason that electricians are required to be licensed and have to go through so much education and training. The work is not easy. You should never assume that you can do it yourself. Always call the pros when you have an electrical issue that needs attention.


Plumbing is similar to electrical work. You aren’t likely to become mortally wounded working on plumbing, but you can easily make a mistake that will destroy your house. You could bust a pipe and send water flooding through your house, or you could make a mistake that causes a slow leak or other long-term problem that leads to a big burst later.

Again, plumbers go through a lot of education and training to become licensed because the work is complicated and has high stakes. Plumbers, like electricians, also know how to do the work to code. No matter how much you study, you are likely to make a mistake that runs counter to your local code, and that can cost you big if you try to sell your house or have it appraised. Just hire a professional to do the work properly.

Foundation Repair

The foundation of your home is essential to its overall house. If your foundation starts to fail, everything else in your house will start to fail, even if it takes a long time. Your house will start to crumble like a house of cards. Is the foundation really something you think that you’re qualified to handle? With everything that is at stake?

Foundation repair requires extensive knowledge and specialty tools. If you suspect that you have a problem with your foundation, you should call the professionals immediately.

If you’re feeling handy, stick to doing things like re-painting your living room or making a nice piece of art out of some old pallet wood. But if you are having a problem with one of these issues, call the professionals instead. Each of these jobs is too important to try to take on yourself. You need someone with the right training and tools to do the job properly and to protect your home and your family.