5 Home Renovation Ideas to Increase your Home’s Value and Appeal

Buying a house does not give you the owner identity, not until you have customized it to your required lifestyle. It makes great sense to renovate your house than moving out to a new one. Whichever choice best suits you, the decision to renovate is based on what aspect of your current house you need to improve.

It is true that the majority of home improvement projects add no value to your home and this explains why you need to be careful when deciding on your next renovation ideas. Such consideration will give you a clear idea on the renovation ideas to avoid and which to invest.

Here are a few home renovation ideas from Manufactured Homes that can help you achieve your goals for home renovations at affordable budget.

1. Remodel the Kitchen

The kitchen, to many people, is the core of the home and hence, any renovations here will definitely pay off. However, it is advisable to remain within a considerate budget. If you are renovating your home for sale, chances are high that a remodeled kitchen would recoup about 60% to 120% of the invested capital. With a little paint and energy-efficient appliances, you will be good to go; do not invest much in your upgrade.

2. Bathroom Addition

Adding a bathroom to your home can go a long way to recouping your investment. There are some people who love homes with several bathrooms for privacy and convenience purposes. When thinking about adding an extra bathroom, you can examine underutilized spaces or extra rooms in the house. Also, closets or the section under the stairs can serve as best places for an extra bathroom.

3. Reinvent a Room

Are you in need of an extra room or do you figure out that adding an extra room would bring you more returns should you sell your home? Then reinventing one can be a great deal as opposed to building a new one due to cost considerations. Establish some space in your home that you can convert to a room to save you a great deal of money. For example, you can decide to have an extra bedroom by converting the attic or finishing the basement.

4. Work on the Exteriors

Renovating the interior of a house while its exterior remains shaggy and old-fashioned will not give you or your potential buyers the ‘wow’ feeling. Significant exterior renovations give you the ideal opportunity to give the required first impression to your visitors. The majority of real estate agents determine the worth of a home from its exterior’s appeal.

For the exterior parts, you can decide to re-paint it as a means to give your house a new look. Secondly, take the time to remove any dirt around the house. Engage in a landscaping exercise to increase your curb appeal as well as increase its worth in the eyes of potential buyers. In there is more space, building a patio or a deck would give your home a stunning look.

5. Replacing Your Windows

Different types of windows and doors are available nowadays. There are windows that will allow more light to get inside your house, while others will shield you from the outdoor noise and yet others are ideal for lowering energy bills. Replacing your windows not only gives you the feel of being in a new home but also ensures much convenience. Get off the old and drafty single-pane windows and replace them with energy-efficient ones.


While home renovation sounds like a good idea to improve your home’s value and appeal, knowing your potential customers, current value, and market price should guide you to decide the extent of costs to incur in your renovations.