Home Improvement: Small Tips That Give Big Results

If you have been noticing that your house is starting to look dull and worn out, it might be time to give your living quarters a makeover. Breathing new life into a tired home doesn’t have to mean spending inordinate amounts of money and time on it.

The key point to remember is that creativity and attention to detail are two invaluable assets when considering updating your home’s look. A few carefully planned steps can bring massive results.

Home Improvement

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Read on for the small things you can easily change in your house, which will bring about much larger results.



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Changing the lighting can have a huge impact on any room. Switch from fluorescent light to something warmer and less harsh in the room where you entertain your guests. Warmer lighting is more conducive to relaxing after a long day at work or having romantic dinners at home, and generally makes everything appear a lot more flattering.

Change the Paint

Change the Paint

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Something as simple as changing the color of your home’s walls has the potential to completely transform any room. If you are bored of the eggshell white, then you can go all out and change the entire room to a different color like charcoal gray.

The other option is to have an accent wall in the room. For example, the wall behind your headboard in the bedroom is a great wall to paint in a different color and allows you to be more daring. Some people choose to paint the accent wall in red, whereas others prefer to stick to lighter shades. The walls in your home don’t have to be the same color in every room. You can use a different shade for every room, creating a unique atmosphere for different parts of your house.

If you don’t want to go all out and paint the walls, then try changing the color of the window shutters or the front door. These parts of the house add plenty of character and require little effort when it comes to changing their appearance.

Wall Art

Wall Art

Pieces of art that are important to you must be hung on the walls around your home. Not only do they instantly add warmth to any room, but paintings and wall hangings help to display your sense of style as well.

Apart from paintings, you can also hang souvenirs such as masks collected on your travels. Hanging ancestral pieces that have emotional value is another great way of telling your guests something about where you are from and your family history. For example, a vintage bronze or copper plate passed on to you by your forefathers can be hung on the wall for display.

Hanging family photos are another wonderful way to infuse plenty of personality into your home. Pictures of your loved ones are always welcome additions which lifts up any drab room. When you have guests in your house, they will enjoy browsing through your family photos, so make sure you put up those with plenty of history. Pictures with pretty frames will also look visually pleasing, especially if they hung in a cluster on one wall. Great examples are Christmas pictures, pictures from family weddings, graduation ceremonies, family holidays, deceased close relatives, grandparents, and more.


This is especially important for the living and the dining rooms where sofas and chairs are usually kept. Changing the upholstery, especially if it has suffered from significant wear and tear over the years, can make the furniture look brand new. Replacing the upholstery can transform even a weathered piece of furniture into a piece of modern art. For example, your grandmother’s old reading chair can be revamped with the help of some new fabric.

Curtains also fall under this category. Replacing old curtains with new blinds can make a huge difference and give the room a modern touch. Also, consider changing the curtains and hanging some in a different print to transform a room, the bathroom or the kitchen, if you have curtains there.

Match it Up

Do your fabrics and accessories match each other? This helps to add a flow to each room. For example, a great way to create a color-based theme in the bedroom is to make sure the bed linen, such as those found in the Vaulia Home Collection, matches the curtains and pillows. This doesn’t mean they must all be in the same color, but there should be a sense of cohesion throughout the room, which helps to build a theme. The pillows on the bed can be in a pattern that compliments the walls and the bed cover can match the color scheme of the curtains.

Accessories are also great for bringing together the different elements of a room. Do you love the copper study table in your home office? Bring in a few copper elements in the form of a pencil holder, a paper weight or copper tone book ends to continue the theme throughout the space.

Plant Life

Adding a plant (regardless of its size) to any room of your house will, literally, add life to the space. You can place a small cactus on the window sill or a money plant in the bathroom.

Did you know that plants in the bathroom help remove odours and approximately 90% of formaldehyde from the air you breathe? A cascading money plant can grow in a glass with water and looks beautiful in any room. For a subtle scent, place a few lilac or jasmine potted plants in a corner of a room which gets plenty of sunlight. Most bathrooms are humid due to hot showers which lead to a spike in temperatures and these conditions are why tropical plants tend to thrive in this area of the house.


Adding a mirror, especially to a smaller room, will bring light to the entire room. Not only can it bring an element of surprise to a room, it also adds the ‘wow’ factor wherever it’s placed. You can find floor to almost-ceiling level mirrors which rest against a wall, and come with beautiful thick frames. These are perfect for making a statement and a mirror of any size will bring in plenty of light and make any room look bigger.

Use these tips to breathe new life into your home without spending much! When you want to revamp your home, all you really need is creativity, foresight and the determination to bring your personality into your space, in every way possible. These small tips will make sure your house sees big results.

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