The Home Hunting Helper – The 5 Step Guide to Buying Your First Property

So you are thinking of leaving that rental property or share house and making the big jump into buying your first property, it’s a huge step, congratulations! The good news is there are companies that are great if you’re looking for some Brighton real estate for sale. If you want to know the best way to buying a property then here are some steps you can take to owning your first property!

Buying Your First Property


Comparing home loans is an important step when wanting to buy a property, this loan will most likely be with you for many years so you need to find the best one that will suit your budget and lifestyle and won’t leave you struggling, make sure you have enough money in the bank in savings so that you are comfortable before making any huge decisions.


You need to have a good idea of the area you want to move to, take into consideration what you are wanting for your future and also for your present, what schools are near, is it close to your work and friends, and are there enough social activities that are close and local to the area? All factors will end up playing a huge role in the house you are planning on spending most of your life.

The area in which you choose to live will also affect how much money the houses are, research the housing market in each area you’re looking at so you have a good idea of how much you will be looking at spending.


You need to come up with a budget for what you are wanting to, and willing to, spend on the house. Once you have found a loan that is best suited to you and your needs you can start writing up a budget plan, allow for some extra money in case you run into any unforeseen issues. Get help from a financial advisor if you are struggling to create one on your own but make sure they understand you and your needs before you do business with them.

Real Estate

You need to have a great real estate agent working on your side, find someone who understands your needs and is looking out for them rather than someone who just wants to sell another house quickly. Let them know your needs and wants, give them your preferred areas and your budget and see how they can help you. A trusty real estate agent is easy to find if you put in the time and effort also.


Inspect as many properties as you can and want, even if none of them turn out to be the one you wish to move into, it will give you a great feel for what type of house you want, in what area, and for what price range.

There are so many factors when it comes to buying your first home, but don’t stress, it’s not all that bad. With the right help and the right team of people with you, whether that is professional or personal or a mix of both, you will be able to find something in no time. Make sure you take care of yourself first and budget properly so you don’t leave yourself stranded not being able to afford anything such as furniture or any renovations you want to make. Make sure you have enough savings in the bank to keep you afloat so your personal life does not have to take a tumble simply for you moving forward in life. Good luck and happy house hunting!