Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal?

Your home’s entrance could make a lasting impression on all who visit, so the first impression is crucially important. With this in mind are you projecting the image you want? The best way to maximise your home’s potential to prospective buyers or just to make it aesthetically pleasing to visitors is to emphasise its curb appeal. Try looking at your house with fresh eyes. Take some photos if necessary, and be a little self-critical.

Make a list of what you need to do to make improvements to your property so that any impression you make will be a positively memorable one. Cosmetic surgery usually comes with a hefty price tag so here are some easily achievable and affordable tips to give your property a facelift without breaking the bank.

Home Curb Appeal

Repair or Replace

Your driveway or pathway will be the first thing that your visitors see. Cracks and potholes are not only unsightly, but can be a dangerous tripping hazard. Replace any broken paving slabs or fill cracks and holes to make your visitors’ short journey to your front door a safe one. Remember to look above eye level too. Is your roof in a decent state of repair? Check that there are no broken/missing tiles or guttering and repair or replace if necessary. Have a look at your woodwork. Is the paint flaking? This can look tatty and will give the impression that you don’t care. A fresh coat of paint to your window frames and garage door will achieve an instant, bright and vibrant result.

Clean and Tidy

Many people look upon their outside space as an extension of their home. You wouldn’t live amongst clutter, dirt and mess inside, so make sure that your entryway reflects this. Have a tidy up, making sure that the pathway to your property is safe and hazard free. Moss and algae can be very slippery in damp weather so a scrub down may be in order! People will always notice your attention to detail so clean your windows, wash down your paintwork, in particular your front door making sure that all door furniture is sparkling! Take care to make sure that your door number is visible to visitors, and that you have an accessible letter or mail box.

Pots and planters

We all love to see something pretty. Flowers and plants are the easiest way to make an instant impact on our senses, and needn’t be expensive. Placing pretty flower filled pots either side of the front door will add symmetry and give an instant injection of colour. If your budget will allow, plant out some window boxes and hanging baskets to compliment these, or strategically group pots together at key points. Ugly drain covers can be disguised beautifully whilst remaining accessible!

Cut the grass!

There is nothing as pleasing to the eye as a neatly manicured lawn. And it needn’t be a big job if kept on top of. Trim back hedges, and remove any dead foliage from flower beds. Rake up dead leaves so that any grassed areas remain neat and tidy. Lighting can be installed at the edges of your lawn so that when night falls you will still see your efforts and more importantly so will your visitors.


Don’t be afraid to add some quirky accessories. After all, your home should reflect a little of your personality, and although our tastes all differ vastly the way we accessorize our houses is not permanent and can be easily changed. For example, a seasonal wreath can be hung from your door, or a weather proof blackboard displaying an appropriate greeting to your guests. Hang colourful lanterns for extra light during the winter months, but most of all don’t forget that all important threshold; nothing says ‘welcome’ better than a welcome mat!