Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Painting Company for Your Home Makeover Project

Many home owners think of upgrading their homes every time. Although there are many ways to upgrade your home, painting provides the greatest possibilities. Painting has both functional and aesthetic benefits for your home, including increased aesthetic value, increased home value, and enhanced protection against external elements. Painting a home can sound like an easy task, and you might be tempted to do it yourself. But, the truth is, it might turn out to be a daunting task, and you may not get the kind of results you desire. This is why hiring Paysons Painting is key to be able to witnesses all the benefits that come along with painting your home. However, before choosing a painting company for your home makeover project considers the following factors:

1. Must be licensed and Insured

License and insurance are critical to hiring a painting company for your home painting project. A license serves as a guarantee that the painting company’s employees have completed the required courses and practical work to carry out the project correctly and safely. Make a point to ask to see the license and that it’s up to date. You can do an online verification just to iron out any doubts you have. The license should also reflect the painting project you need completing.

The painting company should also produce copies of all the necessary insurance. Have a look at the current policies and ensured they are current.

2. Must have experience and expertise

Different painting companies have different experiences and expertise in the painting business. Choose a painting company that has extensive experience in the painting landscape and offers warranty on the painting. Choosing a qualified and experienced painting company will guarantee the highest level of workmanship and safety. Also, make sure the painting company has accreditation from professional associations. Theses associations help to shine a light on the quality of work the painting company is able to deliver.

3. Must have a great attitude and communication skills

No sane personal would want to hire a professional who exhibits a bad attitude or poor workmanship. The painting company must communicate upfront if delays occur. Ensure their time management routine is impeccable in regard to arriving for the quotation on time, communication with you about the project or calling if they are held up in traffic. A good attitude and communication skills are almost always reflected in the quality of services offered.

4. Should have recommendations

Getting a recommendation from a trusted source can be an invaluable aspect of getting the right painting contractor for your home makeover efforts. Find out the clients the painting company has worked with and ask if they had a positive experience with the company. If you’re unable to get recommendations, ask the painting company to provide references. Make a point to call the referees or organize face time with them to get firsthand review about the painting company.

5. Should offer value for money

The painting company you chose should be able to provide transparent quotations. The quotations should be explicit, easy to comprehend and transparent enough. The painting company should communicate comprehensively the breakdown of the prices to avoid misunderstanding during and after the painting project. The right painting company will communicate fair quotes with zero ambiguity, which always translates to a smooth completion of the project.


Procuring the right painting company to do your house painting project is the best decision you’ll ever make. You’ll get a painting job with strong staying power, glittering home, and increased home value. If you’re looking for a painting company that meets the criteria above and much more, then working with Paysons Painting, one of the highly regarded house painters in Calgary, is your best bet.