Here’s What You Should Do When Roofs Leak

During spring season you will want to be careful with the roof of your home since leaking can appear. As soon as you notice roof leaks appearing, you should be serious about working with some on time and budget roofers. However, we understand that many want to do some things alone. If you are among these people, here are some pretty simple tips you can easily take into account when you notice that the roof leaks.

roof leaks

Remove All The Water You Can

If water reached furniture and carpets, the very first thing you have to do is remove as much water as you can. Carpets normally have to be completely removed. Backing has to be exposed to air and then allowed to completely dry. When padding exists underneath, be sure you allow it to dry since that reduces the possibility of having mold grow.

Check Your Insurance Policy

This is one of the steps that few home owners take into account. It is a shame since it is possible in many cases that the insurance policy you have will actually cover roof leaks. If this is the case, be sure you discuss with the insurance agent first. There may be some conditions that would apply. For instance, in some cases the insurance company will force you to work with one of some pre-approved roofers in order to cover the expenses.

Inspecting The Entire Roof Area

When you can, look at the roof for the obvious sources of pooling or standing water. Gutters, valleys and downspouts need to be clear of all the debris. Water has to be allowed to freely move away from your home. Roofing materials have to be inspected and you want to be sure that you check shingles and the water barrier, if it is installed.

One thing you have to remember is that water point of entry is almost never exactly under the leak you discovered. If you cannot identify the real source of the leak, repairs will be futile. New leaks would appear in the future.

Clean Your Downspouts And Gutters

If you see obvious blockages, remove them. Clear your downspouts if you see that they are clogged. That is normally really easy to do with the use of a regular garden hose. When you have a clogged downspout and hose cleaning is not possible, the downspout should be removed from your gutter and then cleaned by using longer objects like a broom handle to push debris right out of pipes.

Look For Possible Pests

Last but not least, water loving pests can locate wet wood and then build a nest as such an area is quite attractive. If you notice that there are insects that are invading your home like earwigs, ants, pill bugs or powder post beetles, start looking for wood that is wet in the roof area. Exterminators get rid of the pests but you have to be sure that you repair the wet wood area. Replacing the wood may be necessary.