What Happens If You Hit A Water Pipe When You Are Digging?

The vast majority of people spend at least some time digging in their back yard. There can be many reasons for this. If you are going to spend time planting a tree, or digging out some foundations for a shed; you should be aware of the actions you should take if you are unlucky enough to strike a water pipe by mistake. You should never underestimate the amount of damage that can be caused if this happens. Water can be a very destructive force.

We are going to take a look at how you may be able to avoid hitting a water pipe in the first place. And what you should do if you are unlucky enough to damage a water pipe while you are digging.

Hit A Water Pipe

What happens if you hit a water pipe?

It will usually be quite obvious if you have hit a water pipe while digging; you will be greeted by a flood of water. This is not a great situation to have to deal with, but the most important thing is to remain calm. If you panic you are not going to be able to deal with the situation as successfully as you would want to. The first thing you need to do; if you damage a water pipe, is shut off the water supply at the main valve. This is why it’s so important to know where the main shut off valve for your property is.

You do not want to be faced with the problem of trying to find the valve while you are in middle of a crisis. After you have stemmed the flow of water you need to locate the exact point of the damage. If you have caused the damage yourself, while digging; you will normally have a good idea where the damage is located. Depending on how serious the damage is, you may have to call a professional to mend the pipe.

How can you prevent this happening?

If you remain calm then you should be able to deal with a damaged water pipe. But it’s a lot easier to just stop the problem from happening in the first place. You can do this by using a service such as One Search Locators. They can carry out utility mapping at your property which means that you know where water pipes. And other underground systems of pipes, are located. You can immediately see that this gives you an advantage; you are able to identify where items are so that you do not hit them if you are digging in your back yard.

It makes far more sense to ascertain where pipe work is in your back yard before your start to dig there. If you do this then you are not as likely to be faced with having to deal with an emergency such as an unexpected flood.