Great Tips and Advice on How to Maintain Your Roof in Winter

Your home is your kingdom and your castle. It is your sanctuary from the stresses and strains of the world. So, it has to provide a great deal of protection. The roof is one element which requires careful monitoring because roof maintenance is essential for a healthy home. While tiles, shingles, flashings, and other components last a long time, they are not invincible.

All roofs age, no matter their quality, because the weather degrades external materials. It means that homeowners need to carry out periodic checks if they want theirs to last as long as possible. Cracks require fast, effective repairs. Missing tiles need swift replacements. Gutters should be kept free of obstructions and water resistant finishes reapplied at the right times.

These handy tips can show you how to keep your roof in tip-top condition throughout winter.

Roof Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

Roof Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

Trim Overhanging Branches

One of the most commonly overlooked dangers is from overhanging trees. In the winter, when the winds are strong, overhanging branches can fall on the roof. To prevent this from happening, trim them back. That way, they cannot drop from a distance and dislodge roof tiles.

Clean the Shingles

The roof shingles need to be kept free of grime, dirt, and damp. All three of these things lead to the growth of organic materials like moss and algae. You might not think that moss can cause much harm, but its roots loosen tiles. They creep beneath the surface of the roof and cause the individual tiles to become wobbly. Eventually, the tiles are going to fall off, and moisture might get inside and cause water damage.

Watch Out for Rust

If the roof contains metallic components, keep a close eye out for rust. Corrosion can set in, particularly after very wet weather. Fortunately, fixing it is surprisingly easy. The trick is to catch the problem early so that you only have a small patch to repair. Most rust spots are easy to eliminate with nothing more than a wire brush. Scrub at the metal until the surface corrosion is gone. Then, prime and paint the area with a waterproof sealant.

Keep the Gutters Clear

Obstructions in the gutters can lead to serious problems with water damage. If left unaddressed, water starts to spill out and collect around the foundations. It is a particularly tricky problem in winter. If the water is constantly freezing and melting, it expands and strains the structural integrity of the home. Inspect the gutters at least once every two months. Remove blockages (leaves, dirt, debris, etc.) with a hand trowel or long stick.

Hire a Professional Team

Carrying out roofing maintenance in winter is no easy feat. The weather can make things physically tough. If you are older or have any form of mobility problem, it is best to hire a professional cleaning team. That way, you do not have to put yourself in danger. Expert help is a good idea for anybody who is not confident working up high. If you are not confident about what you are doing, don’t take unnecessary risks.

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